The 8 Best Places to Live in The U.S. After College

If you’re looking to move to a different city in post-graduation life, we have got you covered. Or if you are just curious about which cities made the cut, then this list will answer all of your questions. If you have the opportunity to move after graduation, you should take it while young so you can explore all the world has to offer.

Change can be scary but also good, so don’t be afraid to take a job offer or risk moving somewhere else in the country. Be sure to do extensive research on the city, before packing up your bags to move.

Check out the list below for all the best cities to live in the United States after college.

Seattle, Washington

Explore the upper west coast with the beauty of Seattle. The food is great, the views are spectacular and the rent is affordable for post-graduates. The atmosphere is constantly changing and growing making it an opportune city for young professionals to locate to.

Nashville, Tennessee

The iconic music city is up and coming for young people. With multiple employment opportunities, upbeat restaurants that fill the city and affordable housing, Nashville is a great spot to look at that provides an entertaining and successful environment.

San Francisco, California

The bay area is full of young professionals and a lot of big companies with jobs, especially in the technology industry. It is also widely known for its outdoor lifestyle, where you can venture out easily and enjoy the natural beauties of the city.

If you are a lover of warm weather, the temperatures hardly ever go below 50 degrees and above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you enjoy architecture and arts, historic victorian homes dot the streetscape and there are always numerous cultural festivals going on.

Wilmington, North Carolina

If you are looking for a warmer city on the east coast, Wilmington is bustling with growth in various aspects. It includes all things young adults love: the beach, a historic downtown, a riverwalk, delicious eateries, breweries and tons of shops. It is also home to the beloved television classics, One Tree Hill and Dawson’s Creek.

Boston, Massachusetts

If you are seeking the beauty of the four seasons, Boston will give you that and much more. Full of rich history, shopping sights, and there is never a feeling that you will have nothing to do. There are job opportunities in almost every field and the city is full of activity ideas that will keep you entertained every weekend.

The college education is also immensely impressive with historic universities like Harvard, Boston College, Berklee College of Music, MIT, and Boston University that fill the city.

Madison, Wisconsin

Full of various job opportunities, unique dining experiences, and beautiful scenery, Madison is the midwest city you never would have thought would be a possibility to live in. More college grads are moving to Madison due to its employment rate of 98.5 percent for those with bachelor’s degrees.

Washington, D.C.

Our nation’s capital is more than museums and cherry blossoms. Get in touch with nature with the endless parks and walking trails or be able to taste great international cuisine offered throughout the city. D.C. is a great destination to move after college for a cultural experience but also if you have a strong interest in working in a government job position.

Located just below the New England border, D.C. still offers all four seasons while never having a freezing cold winter.

Arlington, Virginia

If you are looking for a less busy city than D.C., Arlington is not too far away. Located along the Potamic River, it is the perfect blend of city features and suburbian facets. The arts and culture scene is popping throughout Arlington along with high employment rates, top-notch dining, and numerous outdoor activity destinations. If you want to move to Florida, OfficeNeedle put together a list of the best cities for young professionals there