BTS is Back: Who They Are and What the Future Holds

They’re back! The South Korean seven-member band emerged onto the US scene and have since accumulated a massive fan load. Retail stores have stocked and re-stocked shelves with BTS memorabilia ranging from lookalike dolls, CDs, and more. What makes the K-Pop sensation so great? The message behind the 20-somethings’ music is to love yourself, a very powerful message, indeed. What else is there to know about “national dance champion J-Hope (real name Jung Ho-seok, now 25); introspective rapper Suga (Min Yoon-gi, 26); aspiring actor Jin (Kim Seok-jin, 26); sweet-faced Jungkook (Jeon Jung-kook, 22) as the band’s maknae — a K-pop term for the baby of the group; and V (Kim Tae-hyung, 23) as the soulful crooner. Last to join was Jimin (Park Ji-min, 23), a contemporary dancer with pillow lips and charm to spare”?

According to Hollywood Reporter,  powerful boy group has topped the charts the way the Beatles did back in the 1960s. Whoa. The success of BTS is definitely astounding. The boys have sold out millions of shows across the world this year alone and are set to return soon after taking a three-month break. Each seat is said to cost at least close to $500 each. The fan love is real, while mostly consisting of 50% young females from 10 to 30 years old. K-Pops success has skyrocketed and made an impact on the music scene. But what about the factory rumors? K-Pop is a highly competitive field where thousands of people dream of entering the gates of stardom. If the contestants win, they enter the K-Pop training grounds. In order to be considered the best, trainees undergo brutal rehearsals, must have plastic surgery, and whiten their skin.

Bang Si-Hyuk,”Hitman” Bang, the man who discovered BTS, however, wants to stray away from these K-Pop “practices.” Together, the band and Bang, wanted to focus on “loving yourself and looking at the small things.” Bang, at his Big Hit Entertainment factory, desired to break free from the limitations and regulations of K-Pop bands, focusing on large-scale issues such as war and climate change. Instead, the BTS music seems to start small and look first within ourselves. As BTS manager, Bang has given the band the freedom to truly be themselves.

BTS concert dancing on stage


The group are allowed to write many of their own songs, work on individual projects, and have open discussions with audience if they choose. Thousands of BTS fans have heard the groups’ deepest thoughts, apparently. A genuine connection is better than none at all, right? The Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour will resume October 10th in Saudi Arabia per request of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. Group member Jimin said, “To put it simply, if there’s a place where people want to see us, we’ll go there. That’s really how we feel.”

Hopefully, BTS will not foresee military service in the near future. In South Korea, by the time a male turns 28, it is his duty to serve time in the military-no exceptions. That would be bad news for Jin, who is already 27. Bang said, “The company believes military service is a duty, and we will try to show the fans the best of BTS until, and after, the members have fulfilled their service duties.” In the meantime, we always have their music.

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