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Top 10 Songs To Get You Hype For Halloween

Spooky season is among us, which means it’s time to shuffle the Halloween playlist, splurge your money and appetite on candy corn, and stream Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween. Here are my personal 10 favorite songs to encourage getting festive for the holiday.

1. Monster – Kanye West ft. JAY Z, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, and Bon Iver


First thing’s first, blast this song. From the intense beat to the extreme lyrics, this song attacks. It’s perfect for getting hype for really anything, but its frightening verses and screams makes it totally fitting for Halloween.

2. This is Halloween – Citizens of Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas


This song is nostalgia. I really shouldn’t have to explain why it’s the perfect addition to this list, but for argument’s sake I will. This movie is a Halloween classic, and this song specifically explains the storyline of the film along with including all of the characters in their “town of Halloween.”

3. Thriller – Michael Jackson


If you’ve seen the music video, then you understand the importance of this song. This screams Halloween between the dance, the famous costumes, and the creepy evil laugh at the end. Forever a part of the Halloween season.

4. Sycamore Tree – Kali Uchis


This gory sounding track is the perfect way to get in a Halloween mood. As previewed by American Horror Story in their Freak season, this song is so gruesome sounding that it’s a song that only comes around this time of year.

5. Gods & Monsters – Lana Del Rey


Honestly, you could convince me that any Lana Del Rey song is Halloween inspiration because her voice is incredibly chilling. Her delicate shrilling vocals leave a nervous feeling. ‘Gods and Monsters’ is an essential fit because of the monsters reference and effect of her sound.

6. Ghostbusters – WALK THE MOON from Ghostbusters


Or Ray Parker Jr., both amazing and iconic. Ghostbusters is an everlasting classic Halloween film, and the theme song is just too catchy to not add. It also adds a bit of pop to the mix.

7. Time Warp – Little Nell, Patricia Quinn, and Richard O’Brien from The Rocky Horror Picture Show


A cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is iconic between the crazy costumes and eccentric characters. The soundtrack has so many great songs that are appropriate for Halloween spirit, however, ‘Time Warp’ is the ultimate fan favorite from the movie and deserves a rightful place in this compilation.

8. Once Upon A Dream – Lana Del Rey from Maleficent


This song provokes pure chills. Her voice as I’ve mentioned is incredibly horrifying, and I mean that in a complimentary way. The music is even shrieking, which makes it a perfect fit in this list.

9. I Put A Spell On You – Annie Lennox


Okay, automatic classic. There are so many versions to this song, but Annie Lennox’s is kind of iconic (alongside Bette Middler’s in Hocus Pocus).

10. Haunted – Beyoncé


Lastly, Beyoncé’s ‘Haunted’ is not only an incredible song, but has the craziest visuals in the music video. It’s creepy, uncomfortable, and shocking. Everything you look for in a Halloween mood.

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