Instagram Removing Following Activity Tab From App

If you’ve been caught liking photos on Instagram that have led to some arguments with your significant other, we have some great news for you. In the coming weeks, Instagram will be removing its “Following” activity tab which allows you to see what photos are being liked by others you follow while also seeing who they decide to add to their following list, according to Buzzfeed.

Why did Instagram make the decision to remove the tab that has allowed users to find some new content?

From the report:

“Simplicity was the driving factor,” Shah said of Instagram’s decision to remove the Following tab. Since the original founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger left Instagram last year, reportedly over disputes with Facebook over-Facebookifying the app, Instagram has gotten a little, uh, busier. It added the dreaded “hamburger menu,” three lines in the top right corner that you tap on to reveal menu options and Facebook notifications — something Systrom and Krieger had long avoided. With the addition of new features like this, it’s a no-brainer to cleave off older less-used features like Following.

The emergence of the Explore tab also allowed Instagram to remove the Following tab without losing an important feature.

While the Following tab is getting removed, there will be an activity monitor that remains in the app. However, it will simply show the activity from your account and not from anyone that you are following within the app.

While some users may be upset that Instagram is removing the tab, others can be happy to know that their relationships may no longer be ruined by simply liking a photo.

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