Are Euphoria Makeup Trends Unoriginal?

HBO’s Euphoria made a huge breakthrough this past summer between the intriguing character development, the incredible soundtrack executively produced by Drake and Future, and of course, the iconic fashion and makeup trends that erupted the beauty industry.

While you are purchasing rhinestones and glitter to complete your “Maddy” look, it’s not Alexa Demie’s Instagram posts you should be referring to. These looks were actually curated back in the early 1990’s when Anna Sui and Pat McGrath did it first.

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Anna Sui is famously known for being ahead of her time in wild trends and brilliantly unconventional taste. “Victorian style, but different from what I usually do because there’s hardly any black. It’s all about dreamy colors, very airy and fresh. It’s my take on the Nouvelle Bohemian,” the designer says describing her style. Creating trends that channel a sophisticated dreamy punk rock vibe, including makeup looks that have been blowing up our social media feeds as seen on Euphoria.

“We’ve been doing it for 20-25 years now,” says Pat McGrath backstage at the Spring 2020 Anna Sui show, “Of course, we love Euphoria! We know a lot of the cast members; we work with them a lot! But we’ve always done that makeup, especially at Anna Sui.”

A specific look (that could well be considered a “Maddy-inspired” look this upcoming Halloween) according to Pat McGrath herself, consists of either white star stickers or tiny Swarovski crystals under the eyes, a washed yellow shadow on the lids, and pigmented shimmer powder all applied wet over white eyeliner for an intense sparkle slit.

Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, Kate Moss and other famous supermodels were just the beginning to introducing “Euphoria Makeup” thanks to Anna Sui’s creative direction.

“It’s a very free-spirited, modern young girl,” McGrath further describing the Euphoria characters – or perhaps the original models who pulled them off many years ago on the Anna Sui runway.

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