The 8 Ways To Properly Ghost A Bad Date

Almost all of us have been put in a place where we’re on a date, and you feel it going absolutely nowhere. After parting ways, you already know you “definitely don’t want to do this again sometime.” But what else are you supposed to say without feeling so awkward? “Hey you’re nice, but this was a waste of my time. Good luck!” I think not.

According to Cosmo’s Taylor Andrews, here are some helpful and clever sayings to leave your bad date on a good note.

1. “Let me know when you get home safely!”

This is probably your best option. It shows that you actually care about their well being, and is completely friendly way to end things instead of leaving empty promises. This also allows for them to tell you when they get home and you can leave the conversation at that.

2. “Good luck in that ______ this week!”

This is also a really polite way to leave things on a strictly friendly note. Also, it shows that you were actually paying attention to what they were saying for the past hour or so.

3. “Thanks for the drinks!”

This is a brilliant saying because it forces the one and only response, “you’re welcome!” You can then easily part ways without

4. “Do you know how to get home?”

Personally, I wouldn’t use this one. It’s like, how did they get there? Can they not navigate the Uber app? However, it does show that you care that they are getting home okay and ends the conversation smoothly.

5. “Give your pup a kiss for me!”

…and they will have to, because you know what, they aren’t getting it from you. You might as well encourage them to get affection elsewhere.

6. “Here, take my leftovers!”

Look, if you’re gonna leave them in the dark, they might as well be well fed. That will feel so much better on your conscience.

7. “Gentleman (or ladies), if you are without a rose tonight, it’s time to say your goodbyes.”

Give them a quick hug, kiss, whatever, and make your way back home to text your friends about your bad night.

8. “Honestly, you’re kind of a shit date.”

Depending on who you’re talking to, slapping them with the cold hard truth is just letting them know what to expect. At least you were honest!

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