12 Bad Habits To Break To Live Productively

Don’t worry everyone has a few bad habits they just can’t break. It just basically means nobody is perfect in the world. Although, while a lot of these aren’t necessarily that bad of a habit, it’s healthy to try to break at least a few of them to live a more productive lifestyle. We all know how unhealthy it is for us, yet we still do them; that’s how scary these habits are! The good news is that a few small changes can go a long way. So keep it gradual, no rush, we’re all about making healthy lifestyles. Keep reading for 14 bad habits you can stop doing right now or fix upon that will make you feel a lot better. Here’s to living your best life!

1. Going to Bed Late

Although it is not required, but getting seven to eight hours of sleep is recommended for a healthy daily nights’ sleep. A good night’s rest is essential for a lot of reasons and your morning self will thank you for it.

2. Hitting the Snooze Button

Waking up in the morning is hard, no really hard, and we understand, so hitting the snooze button is irresistible. But making it into a habit is not the best idea because it can make you late, feel more tired, or rush out on things making you forget miscellaneous routines.

3. Skipping Breakfast

Please don’t skip out on breakfast! Starting your day out with a good meal is so beneficial and will make your day more productive. It fuels your body and gives you the energy that will help you start your day right. Skipping breakfast can make you more tired and have you snacking a lot more, making you gain weight.

4. Saying Yes to Everything

Sometimes saying ‘yes’ to everything is not such a good thing after all. If you are ‘yes’ person and have difficulty saying no to things, then you probably have a hard time coping with your own happiness. Well, you have to think of your own happiness first. Once you realize it’s OK to say no, you’ll find your life is a lot less hectic and a lot more fulfilling.

5. Complaining

Complaining might just be the worst habit that we lend to when things don’t go our way. Venting out your frustrations can be good but making it into a regular habit and taking it out on others are not great outlooks to have. Instead, having a more positive outlook can transform your life and improve your mood immensely.

6. Spending Too Much Time on Your Phone

It’s great to catch up on social media for fun and every so often. But spending almost all of your free time and all day on your phone is not a good habit at all. Instead, spend more quality time out and about with your friends or family. You’ll be surprised to find out you actually enjoy yourself more when you’re in the moment yourself.

7. Not Having Any Savings

Getting into the habit of saving even little amounts of money can make a huge difference and benefit you in the long run. Saving in big or small ways doesn’t just set you up for a better future, it also relieves stress when you face some of life’s inevitable setbacks.

8. Not Staying in Touch

Life can be busy and time can go so fast. But never try to make that as an excuse to not stay in touch with others often. So make a regular effort to reach out to your parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, or other family members. Whether it’s by phone, letter, or a visit, your heart will feel full by talking to those you love and who love you.

9. Feeling Guilty

When life gets stressful, guilt can wreak havoc. Even though it’s only natural to feel guilty on some matters, it shouldn’t be right to feel guilty about everything you do or don’t do. Maintaining a healthy balance can remind yourself that you’re just doing the best you can!

10. Sweating the Small Stuff

Little annoyances can happen all the time and to anyone.  So don’t let yourself get down about them and making it a big deal to ruin your whole day. Learning to let little things go will take the burden off of you and make you handle bigger things when they come your way more confidently.

11. Apologizing For Everything

Saying sorry is not such a healthy habit to accumulate. It’s a habit that’s damaging to our self-esteem. Don’t fret about apologizing for everything you think you do wrong and be in control of asking yourself when to apologize for actual significance.

12. Skipping Self-Care

Self-care is so important, no matter what everyone around you has going on. When you take care of yourself, everything else will be easier. Learn to love yourself, and your self will love you.