Here is How To Tell When You Have Truly Fallen In Love

When you are in love with someone, you can’t remember how you were able to live all these years without that person in your life. But love comes in a confusing package.

How can you tell whether what you are feeling is love or lust?

We all have a scary experience of falling in love. We all can recall a time when our lives changed forever when we met someone. How that person became an acquaintance who you laughed with to your main source of happiness.

Some people fall in love when they are young while others experience love for the first time when they are older. The thing with falling in love is that there is not a course you can take to help you fall in love with someone, there’s just a gut feeling and confusion. There are common signs that tell someone is falling in love.

1. Seeing that person brightens up your day

There’s not a day that passes by where you wish you could have spent time with this person. Their presence doesn’t tire you.

“You are actually surprised at how calm you feel,” Dr. LeslieBeth Wish, licensed clinical psychotherapist and founder of told Elite Daily. “You are no longer jumping over the waves, but instead, you are wading and floating in a peaceful pool.”

You may be having a great day, but seeing that person makes it much better.

2. That person’s needs become your priority

Falling in love can turn the most selfish person into a selfless human being. It just doesn’t matter anymore. All you think about is considering everything that relates to the person you love.

“Respecting [a partner], feeling admiration and fondness for them, caring about their well-being, etc., are all aspects of love for your partner,” clinical psychologist Joshua Klapow, Ph.D., told Elite Daily.

3. Your mind plans long-term goals with that person

You start thinking how your life will look like if you spent the rest of it with that person.

4. You two are best friends

Becoming emotionally intimate with someone will strengthen your friendship bond with them. If you think you are truly falling in love, that’s not something to panic about. You should embrace it and communicate it.

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