The 10 Best Burritos In New York City

New York City’s Mexican cuisine scene has been growing like crazy. From luxurious restaurants to taco trucks and mom and pop joints, NYC has got to offer the best and most succulent Mexican food you will find in the whole country.

This time, we are focusing on the wrapped Mexican delight: the burrito. Here are the ten best burritos in New York City we absolutely love and you should try out like right now!

1. Burrito Box

The restaurant located in Hell’s Kitchen only serves burritos and they offer a wide variety. They have the staples grilled steak, chili con carne and chicken burritos, but they also have vegetarian options such as tofu and veggie burritos.

2. Taqueria Diana

The place is small, but don’t let it fool you. The East Village joint definitely delivers the best tacos and burritos al pastor, which are my favorite. The burritos come with rice, beans and salsa with the cheese, guacamole and crema as optional toppings.

3. Savor Por Favor

This place is great for brunch. They do have a wide menu, but I will recommend trying their tacos, burritos and their green mixed cactus salad. The place accepts private parties, book-ins and walk-ins. The restaurant is located in East Village.

4. Mole

Their burrito is huge so you will definitely save half of it for tomorrow’s lunch.

5. Amaranto Mexican Restaurant

This joint is located in Bushwick and their burritos are amazing. The burritos come with five choices of filling (chicken, steak, chorizo, pork or vegetable) with refried beans, spinach, corn and a side of green salad.

6. Dos Toros Taqueria

This is a little bit better than Chipotle. I find that their meat is tastier than Chipotle’s. This is a franchise and they are located all over Manhattan. They like to put a slice of cheese before they press their tortillas.

7. Downtown Bakery

This is the place to go if you are looking for the biggest and wettest burrito in the city. If you like each bite to be overflowed with a succulent amount of juices, this is the place for you.

P.S. Try their breakfast burrito.

8. Korilla

If you would like to taste your traditional burrito but with a slight Korean cuisine touch up, then you should come to this place ASAP. Their kimchi and bulgogi beef burrito is awesome. Korilla is a restaurant, but there are also food trucks that park around the city.

9. Tortaria

The name might misguide you, but they have incredible burritos. I highly recommend getting the house margarita with your burrito so you can indulge your olfactory and gustatory senses. Their burrito will definitely take you to another dimension.

There’s so much to say about this spot, but their sauces are spot on. They are all house-made which is a huge plus for me. They rightfully compliment every dish they serve besides their burrito. Get your money’s worth and head to this place to try out their well-crafted burritos, their awesome sauces, and house margarita.

10. Taqueria El Maguey

Their sweet and crispy burritos al pastor is probably the best you will find in whole Sunset Park.


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