The Biggest Beauty Trends of Winter 2019/2020

Beauty is constantly evolving and new trends are curated so often, it’s hard to keep up. We’ve seen some of the biggest trends dominate the runways for Winter 2019/2020. Here is a look into what trends to follow in the upcoming season, including a lot of inspiration from punk rock and exaggerated bold looks on the eyes and lips.

Art Eyelashes

Art Eyelashes, Dior

Luca Cannonieri /

Our first look is completely focused on the eyes. Art eyelashes were first seen in the 60’s more commonly as a British trend. “It’s all about Teddy girls…British, tough girls,” Peter Phillips explains. These lashes create an artistic exaggeration to your look, and looks great with a thick layer of mascara.

Glitter Lids

Glitter made a huge appearance during fashion week, and will continue to be a major part of the beauty community going into 2020. Using palettes, such as Pat McGrath, with strong pigments and eccentric colors will help you complete this look. The bolder and shinier the better.

Statement Brow

Speaking of eyes, another trend is a statement brow. Whether they are completely thick and bold or completely bare, your brows are an essential aspect to enhance your face. Models like Cara Delevingne and Jazzelle Zanaughtti are just some that come to mind when it comes to a distinctively strong brow.

Skin Glow

Skin Glow, Stella McCartney

Armando Grillo /

When it comes to skin, the biggest trend is acquiring a ‘post facial glow.’ This gives a soft dewey look making your skin look as refreshed and naturally hydrated as possible. To achieve this, I recommend using mists and oils. It’s all about how you prep your actual skin rather than using a foundation. For reference, designers such as Victoria Beckham and Stella McCartney famously use this look on their runway models.

Red Lip


A strong red lip is making a comeback as well. Red always makes a statement, and in this case, the deep shade creates texture and adds sophistication to your look. It’s also totally buildable too as you could add a gloss to it compared to the classic matte finish. Fendi and Louis Vuitton are well known for sporting the look during their shows.

Thick Cat Eye

Cat Eye


Lately we’ve been seeing a punk rock look resurrect, and there’s no easier or more classic way to achieve this look by using bold eyeliner. Using thick and dragged lines will help make the look as perfect and fearless as possible.

Smokey Eye

Smokey eye has been around for ages, but as I’ve mentioned before we’re revamping it into a more punk rock aesthetic. Especially associated with Tom Ford, a trendy look is a natural face and lip with a dark shadow smoked out in the lids and dragged to the bottom of ur lower lashes. For even more enhancing, you can go in with a pencil liner on the waterline to make it edgy and chic.

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