An Analysis of Dating App Profiles in the U.S.

The days of meeting people out and about at bars and events seem to be quickly coming to an end. It’s more likely you will meet your significant other on a dating app rather than at a bar or through a friend in today’s society.

But meeting someone online can be scary. The only things you know about that person are what they choose to share on their dating app profile. Whether you use Tinder, Bumble, etc, you know that online dating is hard. 

The Black Tux recently released an analysis of dating profile bios. The team at The Black Tux says, “we decided to analyze dating app bios to determine exactly how singles present themselves on these apps. What language do they use?  What matters to them? What are they looking for? What are the exact percentages of emoji use and men referencing their heights?”

They analyzed dating profiles from the 25 largest cities in the U.S. and here is what they found.

Men are more likely to mention their pets, the outdoors, social media handles, cuddling (that one is surprising), and religion in their profiles than women are. They are also more likely to use profanity (not surprising). 

Height with men always seems to be a thing. Some people might assume if a guy doesn’t put his height in his profile, he is short. But women don’t really harp on their own height. And the data here proves it. Men are more likely to put their height in their profile, 19% of men admit to it. Where only 10% of women put their height.

When looking at the city-by-city breakdown and the use of profanity, Philly takes home the gold here. With 27% of dating apps including the use of profanity. On the other side, there is San Jose with the least amount of profanity found. Only 13% of dating profiles in San Jose include profanity.  

Now let’s cover the one thing a lot of people think dating apps are for…hookups. According to the analysis, only an average of 3% of dating app profiles directly mention hookups in their bios. The cities with the most mentions of hookups in their bios are Fort Worth with 6.25% mentions, Austin with 5.9% mentions, and Seattle with 5%.

The cities that mention hookups the least are Chicago, Denver, and Washington D.C. with all under 2% of bios mentioning hookups.

So for all you singles out there, good luck. The dating app world is a tough one, but whether you are looking for a hookup or a serious relationship, there is someone out there looking for the same thing. 

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