Top 7 Creative Manicure Ideas To Try This Winter

The best time of the year is right behind the corner, are you ready for it? The holiday season is a serious reason to try something new. Starting with a fresh manicure might be a great choice. If you’re short on ideas, these are the 7 best nail designs to try this winter.

Star Shaped Glitter

The latest obsession in the manicure world is big, bold glitter on a clear base. When going for a design like that, you don’t have to worry about matching your nails to your outfit because this mani looks good with everything.

Colored Tweed

A play on a classic fabric, a design like that is undoubtedly unusual and refreshing. This one looks especially good on longer nails, so think about it if that’s your case. You can choose to have this manicure in a bright color to make a statement.

Graphic Designs

Another simple but effective option is graphic mani. It has been around for some time now, but still holds its leading position in the beauty industry. You can use just one shade, or make it as bold and colorful as you want.

Animal Print

This one is for the most adventurous out there. Animal print is extremely popular now when it comes to clothes, but it’s made its way to the manicure world too. To make it a little more discreet, go for paler colors or a clear base.

Dark Blue

A simple but beautiful color, dark blue is perfect for the colder months. The coolest option right now is shimmery indigo, which reminds of a starry winter night. If you don’t have one like this, just cover a regular nail polish with a glittery topcoat.

Classic French

The hottest nail trend of the ’90s is popular again! French tips are making a serious comeback, so don’t wait any longer to get this manicure yourself. For anyone, who’s not a fan of this design, try the updated versions that use color and alternative graphics.

Nude Manicure

You can never go wrong with a nude manicure. It looks very stylish and elegant, so this is an excellent choice for those who prefer the classic options. Wear it plain for the minimalist option or try changing it up with a transparent section.

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