The New Instagram Beauty Trend: Soap Brows

Eyebrows have been the most stretched beauty trend of the decade. Everything has been tried on eyebrows. In the 90s we had the thin, arched eyebrows and then in the 2010s, we had the thick, feathery eyebrow trend.

Well now Instagram influencers and beauty professionals are using bar soap to keep eyebrows in place instead of eyebrow gel.

Swedish make up artist, Linda Hallberg, told Allure that using soap to hold brows in place has been an old trick used by make up artists that was brought into popularity in 2016.

The grooming method is actually very easy to do. Rihanna‘s eyebrow artist, Robin Evans, toldĀ Allure that using a clean spoolie brush to apply the bar soap and a setting mist will definitely help to keep brows in place.

“With more sparse or thin brows, you might have to add some more color to them to make them look full and feathery,” Hallberg said to Allure. She added that the grooming method shows better results when the brows don’t have too much make up on.

On the other hand, Evans said she likes to make eyebrows stand out by tinting the hairs.

If you are using bar soap to hold your eyebrows in place, keep in mind that you have to use a glycerin-based soap because they irritate the skin less, and most glycerin-based soaps are transparent.

There is a reason why makeup artists have turned to bar soap instead of eyebrow gel to get the brows in place. According to cosmetic chemist Ginger King, bar soap is thicker in consistency than gels and other eyebrow creams and has more durable hold strength.

Even if bar soap has proven to be more effective than eyebrow gel, using it has its downfalls. Makeup artist Hallberg told Allure that bar soap and foundation don’t go along, and frequent usage of bar soap in the eyebrows can cause irritation on the skin due to the high pH levels found on a soap.

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