The 8 Coolest Fashion Trends Of Winter 2019

Winter dressing can be quite boring, as form usually follows function. There are still plenty of options to look good even in the colder months! Here are the 8 best trends to wear this season and add some life to your winter wardrobe.


A great alternative to the more traditional plaid, houndstooth is the most fashionable print to wear this winter. There are coats, suits, dresses, and much more clothing adorned with this pattern. You can find a classic black and white combo, or go for a fun colored option.


Chic metallics can add some shine to your everyday looks, as well as be an excellent choice for evening attire. If you think this trend is too much, try silver or muted gold clothing first. It is way more wearable than pieces in a brighter foiled metallic.

Bright Colors

Now that’s how you can brighten up a gloomy winter day. Don’t be afraid to mix and match when it comes to bright colors. Just make sure you pick two or three of them and not the whole rainbow. Puffy coats and chunky knits look especially good in a vibrant shade.


A piece like this looks very unique and adds character to your outfit. There are tonal quilted clothes, and there are patchwork ones, so feel free to choose based on your preference. This is also a fantastic choice for any DIY lover, as you can sew your own quilted coat quite easily.


If comfort really means a lot to you, go for fleece. This wonderful cozy material will keep you warm at all times, but now, it’s also in fashion. Don’t hesitate and get yourself a piece like this, if you don’t already have one.

Oversized Coats

At this point, an oversized coat is a wardrobe staple of anyone who cares about fashion at least a little bit. A regular jacket, faux fur, or a puffer – choose any option you like the most, as long as it is big enough to cover your whole body.


A biker jacket is a great wardrobe essential, but there are so many other leather clothes you should pay attention too. Think pants, skirts, dresses, coats and even overalls. The widespread use of eco-friendly faux leather means you can wear any of these pieces and support the cruelty-free movement.

Long Skirts

Simple long skirts are quite popular right now, but the pleats make them so much better. A must-have for any stylish girl, pleated skirt like this can be dressed up or down and looks great with layered tops. Depending on the material, it also can be quite warm for the winter months.