How To Transform Into An E-Girl IRL This Halloween

What I can take from watching compilations of TikToks that radiate Vine energy at 4 A.M. is that there are different types of e-girls and e-boys. This upcoming Halloween is the perfect time to embody tik tok culture (that I’ll never understand) depending on what type of IRL look you’re going for.

The Anime Character

A genre, if you will, of e-girls is dressing up as anime-like characters. They do this mostly through hair and makeup, making everything intense and colorful. Using a heavy amount of blush, wearing chokers, and wearing colorful wigs in wild hairstyles is an easy way to accessorize the look to start. Fashion is probably the most important which is where I come in to help you. Anything with cats on it, or even cat ears, is perfect.

The Band Fan

Another type of e-girl is having a punk-rock-grunge-I-hate-my-parents aesthetic. Basically, any band tee will do. Pair it off with chunky boots, a flannel, chain jewelry, and a beanie and you’re good to go. I would do a natural face with dark eye makeup, and overall make it look at casual and lazy as possible.

The 90’s Girl

This type of e-girl requires to wear all 90’s inspired clothes and accessories. Honestly, just look as close to Rachel Green as possible. You can either make it cute and girly with mini skirts and cute clips, or go more grunge and masculine and wear baggy denim to acquire a more skate wear inspired look.

The TikTok User

Lastly, there’s the TikTok user. This is a really specific style that kind of rooted the whole “e-girl” style altogether. Some beauty tips are fake freckles and dark lipstick, and for fashion, try and mock your favorite users on the app to capture their vibe authentically.

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