Is Your Skincare Routine Ruining Your Skin?

I cannot stress the importance of skincare enough. Building a proper routine should be simple and effective, but sometimes products are totally mistreated on the market and are perceived to do wonders when in fact, they do harm.

CosDNA is an online analyzer where you can search any product and they give you a list of all the ingredients used, how hazardous they are in terms of acne, irritant, and safety, customer reviews, and public forums.

They are rated on a scale from 1-10 where anything from a three and above is considered not to be good for your skin.



You are able to not only search skincare products, but beauty products as well such as face masks, mascaras, lipsticks, and tanning mousses. If you don’t see a product you use, there is a tab that allows you to submit to products too!

Personally, I’ve used the analysis website and found great results! There are products I’ve been using for years, and my skin has had sporadic breakouts and suffered from redness/discoloration for as long as I can remember.

After finding out that my products contain ingredients to cause this blew my mind. We tend to buy things just because people say to whether it be a friend, doctor, or social media influencer. However, we blindly buy it without doing the research.

Some secretly helpful tips in curating a skincare routine is to include toners, serums, and once-a-week products. Besides the cleanser and moisturizer, it’s important to include other products designed for you skin problems.

For example, sulfur soap is known to heal acne, redness, and rosacea, witch hazel is known to balance excess oils and refine your pores if your skin gets irritated easily, and using pore strips once a week helps remove blackheads building up and causing further damage.

Before you buy your next anticipated product, be sure to run a check on its true value before purchasing!

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