Rise & Shine: Kylie Jenner Is Continuing To Control Social Media

If you’ve been anywhere near social media last week, you’ve seen the video. You know, the video. On October 10, Kylie Jenner had uploaded a video of herself giving an office tour of her headquarters. Watch the video below.

After a walkthrough of the office that is ten times more luxurious than any home I’ve ever lived in, she enters Stormi’s room to wake her from her nap.

The child is awoken by the eery and awkward melody of her mother singing, “Rise and shine!”

The internet went so wild with the strange moment that it has completely taken over meme culture. You would think that Kylie would be embarrassed at the world poking at her awkward and horribly tuned vocal skills, but she’s actually embraced it like the icon she is.

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A Star is Born 🌟

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Brining attention to it by reposting some of the memes made by fans was just the beginning. She continued to play a remix for Stormi to which she did not approve of asking for “daddy to sing” instead. She took it even further by creating merchandise of hoodies with the saying on her online shop.

Even her sister, Kim Kardashian, and other celebrities had reacted to some of the memes made of her singing too.

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