Unattended Toddler Eats 18 Cups of Yogurt In Under 10 Minutes

I’ve heard of a sweet-tooth, but never a yogurt-tooth! If you’re a yogurt lover, then maybe you’d be interested in beating this toddler’s impressive record of eating 18 cups of yogurt in 10 minutes!

3-year-old, Olivia Whysall is the stunning little yogurt eater. Her dad, Arron Whysall stepped out for 10 minutes, leaving her with her 6-year-old brother Oscar. Arron’s fiance was in another room not too far away from the children while the father had gone out in the backyard to fix the fencing in their garden.

Oscar rushed out to tell his dad that Olivia has eaten yogurt, but Arron was surprised by how much his daughter had eaten! When the father returned to the kitchen where the children had been, he found his daughter surrounded by a heap of empty Petits Filous yogurt cups!

Arron investigated the room to make sure the children hadn’t used the yogurt to “decorate” the kitchen or the floors. He laughed at the scene, realizing that his small little daughter had eaten 18 cups of yogurt- all the yogurt they had in the fridge!

Arron told The Mirror, “When I found Olivia with all 18 yogurts, I asked her ‘have you eaten all of those?’ and she quite proudly said ‘yes’. I just thought ‘fair enough’. I couldn’t even tell her off for it because it was just too funny. I was more overwhelmed than anything.”

He called to his partner, Billie Hardie, who also could not believe what she saw.

“It really made us laugh,” he says. “I had to wet wipe her face, as she was covered in it.”

Arron captured his daughter’s hilarious yogurt eating mischief and posted it on Facebook. The photo got shared over 10,000 times. He says, “I’m not a big user of Facebook so I wasn’t expecting it at all.”

“I thought maybe she would have eaten one or two but for her to sit there and eat the whole lot, I didn’t think she had it in her,” Olivia’s father states.

Hardie says they plan on keeping the yogurt on the top shelf of the fridge, where Olivia can’t reach it.

The couple says, “She’s such a little character, she keeps us busy put it that way. If there’s mischief to get up to, Olivia will be the first one there.”

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