Cardi B Joins the Cast of Fast & Furious 9

One of the main actors in the Fast & Furious franchise, Vin Diesel, has been posting regular updates about the film, cast, and crew to his Instagram. On Tuesday, Diesel posted a video on his Instagram featuring a new member of the film:  Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, better known as Cardi B!

While Cardi hasn’t said anything about her new movie role, she hinted at it when she appeared on The Ellen Show earlier this month along with Chance the Rapper and T.I. Originally, the trio was there to talk about their documentary Rhythm and Flow, but Ellen couldn’t resist Cardi on her role in her latest film, Hustlers. Cardi thanked her but then complained about how tiring the long hours are on movie sets. DeGeneres asked if she would do it again, and Cardi confirmed that she is currently working on a movie this month, but never revealed what it was.

Thanks to Diesel, we now know that the rapper has been working on the set of Fast & Furious 9. Diesel and Cardi B just finished working on set and it was their last day filming in the UK. The details of Cardi’s characters have yet to be revealed. However, both Deadline and Entertainment Weekly confirmed that she has landed a small role.

Many fans are excited about Cardi’s new role:

Fast & Furious 9 is set to be released in May 2020.

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