Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes This Year

The spooky season is here! Halloween a few weeks away and you’ve probably already given your costume some thought. Millions of options at your disposal have made it difficult to choose whether you are going as a classic Heroine or a new TV series character that has captured your heart. Perhaps our 2019 top 10 Halloween Costume forecast will help you decide by letting you know what’s hot this year:

10. Spider-People

The Spider-verse allows For you to be yourself in a spiderman costume of your choice. The movie Spider-man: Into The Spider-verse, centers around the existence of multiple universes with their respective Spider-hero. The movie was released in December of 2018 making this its first Halloween. People come in all shapes and sizes and this movie encourages all fans to suit up.

9. Harley Quinn

The Joker and Harlequin have been the queen and king of Halloween costumes since the release of Suicide Squad. It seems like everyone has been dying their hair pink and blue since that release. With the release of her beau’s movie Joker and the trailers for Harley Quinn’s new movie, Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn set to hit theatres in 2020, this year will be no different.

8. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel hit theaters earlier this year and ever since people have been eagerly waiting for the opportunity to be the most powerful superhero in the Marvel Universe. This costume has been searched of then so often that it is on the homepage of many costumes online shops.

7. The Avengers

The Avengers has gifted us with many iconic superheroes. The movie released earlier this year awakens our interest in these characters. Black Widow and Scarlet Witch are our leading ladies. Both of these characters have announced solo projects, with a Scarlet Witch/ Vision spinoff TV series to be released in 2021 and Black Widow’s solo movie set to be released in 2020 has ignited interest in both of these looks.

6. Stranger Things

Stranger Things will probably be a for two reasons its popularity and its potential to be a DIY costume! To channel Eleven you’ll need:

  • 80’s style button-up,
  • blue suspenders,
  • mom jeans,
  • a yellow scrunchie
  • and most importantly a dab of fake blook for your nosebleed.

5. Bobs Burgers

Tina, Tina, Tina! The beloved character has become a meme and a commonly used twerking gif used when we are trying to express a good time or crafting a celebratory text. Tina is a reference that still brings a smile to our faces. This too can be a DIY costume. Or if you’re feeling a little mischievous you can be Louise.

4. Aladdin


The Aladdin reboot, released on May 24, 2019, has reminded us how much we adore Jasmine. This Disney princess is making a comeback in the costume world with her likeness being in the top searched costumes for this season.

3. Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Hogwarts robes are in! It’s the best way to go as yourselves but like the Harry Potter Universe of yourself. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff: robes for each house have been circulating on the internet. Time to showcase your personality and make your 11-year-old self proud of this costume.

2. It

It costumes

“Here, take it. Take it, Georgie.” The movie It Chapter Twp was released on September 6, 2019, just in time for Halloween. Merchandise related to this movie has been selling like hotcakes and this costume is no different. Pennywise costume for women is in. Halloween is supposed to be about scary creatures and Pennywise fits the bill perfectly.

1. Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones costume

Daenerys and Arya were the characters that received the highest number of auditions and today women and girls everywhere still can’t stop trying to be these powerful women. Although the last season of Game of Thrones got mixed reviews, the characters remained clean from that disaster, because of the bad-ass attitude and accomplishments they’ve achieved through many seasons and-especially on Daenerys’ case– their fashion. This Halloween you could be the name of costume. or be Arya’s home again outfit.

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