The Perfect Guide To Coat Shopping Fall 2019

As the end of October is approaches, so does the chilling windy weather of fall. It’s time to break out the coats that’ll last you until the winter season passes. With this weather, your coat basically never leaves your body, so you might as well make it as fashionable as possible. Here are some coat trends to inspire your look for the upcoming fall/winter season.


Wearing printed coats like this plaid felted jacket adds style to any outfit and gives you freedom to layer solid colors (don’t we all just wear all black anyways?) underneath, and allows you to look effortlessly stylish! You can also play around with your makeup and accessories to coordinate with the colors of you print for extra detail.

Long Coats

Much like this MSGM wool coat, long coats are always a cute idea. It adds instant sophistication to your look, and there’s room to play with different materials! Whether it’s suede, wool, leather, or tweed, don’t hesitate to be bold with colors as well. Of course there is also always the timeless and iconic trench coat.

Fluffy Coats

Fluffy coats are not only a fashion statement, but also practical. A huge trend that we’ll be seeing is oversized coats as well, which can easily be accomplished with this! This makes your look incredibly bold, so own it with a fun color and a great pair of boots.


Capes are making a statement this fall, and I couldn’t be more happier about it. Not only is it a complex appearance, but it makes everything so easy! There’s room and access for your arms and doesn’t feel too heavy. It’s totally breathable and a perfect purchase for the cold weather. When you think about it, it’s basically a wearable blanket as outerwear, I don’t think it gets more convincing than that.


If you like the sophisticated look similar to the long coat trend, blazers are another great way to add elegance to your look. You can dress it up or make it a casual contemporary street style. You can also accessorize it with a belt as a way to add personal flair.