The 5 Products To Add To Your Skincare Regime

My skin has tasted honey, eggs, and coarse sugar. I realized that my skin is happiest when it is lathered in natural products, especially edible ones. The current health-craze has made us conscious of what we eat as well as what we put on our bodies. Skincare routines are a thing of pride in our culture. Here are some natural products you’ll skin will thank you for.

Tone it

Cleanse, tone, moisturize the trinity of skincare. These three steps have been ingrained in our minds. But dermatologists revealed they don’t use toner themselves. Why? Because of the alcohol of course.
Dr. Rachel Nazarian of Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York said, “I don’t use a toner and I don’t see any need for a toner, because toners are classically alcohol-based, and I don’t think they add anything to skincare,” Alcohol-based products cause dryness and dryness can ultimately lead to dull skin and breakouts. You can change your daily toner for diluted apple cider vinegar which will not over dry your skin. Vinegar helps restore your skin’s PH level and subsequently prevent and get rid of acne.

The P-Word

Parabens are preservatives used in beauty products to help limit the development of bacteria that can be produced by said product. Parabens are often found in moisturizers, foundations, and anti-aging creams.

Parabens have a bad reputation it is a taboo ingredient and although there is not enough evidence to prove parabens are bad, if dermatologists aren’t willing to take the risk, why should you?
Nazarian explained that her reason for avoiding parabens isn’t simply health-related, it is also what the product can do to our skin, “I read a journal article about some bench research that was done in the past few years, and it showed there to be a potential acceleration of skin aging,” she said. “I just know that, in terms of how much I’m putting on, and it’s in so many different products, that I wouldn’t even risk it for the slightest amount. I won’t do parabens.” When picking out a foundation search for a Paraben-free, gluten-free option like Stellar, a big plus about this foundation aside is that it won’t clog pores


A humidifier basically adds water/moisture to the air around you. Sleeping with a humidifier can help moisturize your skin. Dry air has the power to dry your skin making it appear dull and potentially causing acne. Combat environmental effects on your skin by using a humidifier to reveal softer and more vibrant skin. The best part is that this is not a product you need to restock.


Yes, exfoliating can help reveal vibrant-healthy-looking-skin, so what’s the problem?
Many body scrubs contain harsh ingredients that cause injury to the skin. The tiny tears caused by scrubs are disruptive to our skin barrier. Scrubs essentially make cuts that irritate our skin.
Therefore, you must choose body scrubs that will not only remove dead skin but also help heal these microscopic cuts. Replace your expensive scrub with sugar and natural honey. Sugar with scrub your skin to reveal brighter, baby-soft-skin while honey will soothe your skin by decreasing redness and providing a gentle antiseptic to the skin that is known for its ability to heal wounds.


Aloe vera can be found in many beauty products from shampoos to lotions. But nothing can benefit your skin like the plant itself. Aloe has the ability to moisturize your skin, decrease swelling as well as redness. Its properties are normally used to treat burns which going to show how powerful this plant really is. What is the retail price for a single Aloe leaf? One dollar. That’s right, a single buck can deliver natural high-quality moisture to your skin.  Apply aloe on your skin as you would a serum before bed and go to sleep. You will wake up to the nourished skin of your skin.