How To Show Someone You Love Them Without Saying “I Love You”

It is so easy for some people to say “I love you.” I happen to be one of those people that find it hard to say the phrase. Saying it might be easy or hard for some, but actually displaying how much you love someone through actions is even harder.

In a reddit AskWomen thread, women described how their partners actually showed they love them without saying “I love you.” Take some notes from the thread because they clearly demonstrate you don’t have to do anything big to show someone you love them. The little things is what matter. The actions these women described their partners doing for them are just beautiful and will make you cry, or crave you had a partner.

He helps her with grocery shopping and the laundry

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Devnone wrote: “He notices when I’m running low on things (dog food, dish soap etc) and gets them for me. Another small thing that’s similar would be he leaves a bunch of quarters in my change bowl that I use for the laundry mat when ever he comes to visit. They probably sound trivial but it means he’s thinking of my day to day life even when he’s not here.”

He buys you a “menstruation buddy”

woman have a stomachache in bedroom because menstruation


MrNormalRs wrote: “Came by his work to grab pads. He bought me a stuffed dinosaur on the way home to make me feel better. He came home, yelled “I got you a menstruation buddy!”, and threw it at me.

He does a lot more, but I don’t get to tell this story as often as I’d like.”

He cooks, cuddles and rubs

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Honeypnut wrote: “If we are eating a food that I like he will let me eat more of it lol. He rubs my feet when we watch tv together. He lets me nap when I’m tired. He cooks because he says he loves watching me eat the food he makes so enthusiastically (not in a weird way haha). He opens all doors and pulls out all chairs for me. He loves snuggling/cuddling/hugging all the time.

Lol I feel like I’m just listing everything he does 🥰 he’s an amazing guy.”

He buys you food

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ScrambledNegs wrote: “this morning he gave me a rotisserie chicken.

Edit: I tried to show him that the internet thinks he’s swell and now he knows my username. lol whoops.”

He is always there for you

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Acorn-jelly wrote: “He’s always there for me when my bad mental health days make me burst into tears, without making me every feel ashamed of crying for no real reason. Shout out to my literal shoulder to cry on.”

He listens to you

Musicians fist bumping for a job well done

Passionkiller711 wrote: “He keeps chocolate milk around at his house because he knows I love it. He’ll order me a pizza even if I said he don’t have to. He is up for doing things I’m interested in. He takes my advice into account. He listens. He cares.”

He is willing to help you when you are going through tough times

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Bowebagelz wrote: “He will buy me small functional/useful gifts that he thinks or knows will make things easier for me. He will say ” remind me when you see me later, I got you a gift”. Last time it was a new smoke detector, lol!

He’s so good to me in an emergency, just jumps into action. Even if it’s not a full-blown emergency, if I’m even the slightest bit sick or in harm’s way, hes got it.

His slush fund is for if either of us need it, and he’s made it known he would support me financially whenever I need help. We both work and make good money, I am not dependent on him, but its the forethought and consideration of a true partner.

I’ve never felt so safe. I fear the unknown less. I know whatever shit may hit our fan will be handled.”

He is your ally when you are on your period

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MzCherryBlossom wrote: “Tampons, painkillers and a selection of chocolate from the petrol station at 2am.”

He touches you gently

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Ragingveela wrote: “We’ll be doing our own thing and he’ll just reach over and rest his hand on my leg a minute. Or, very very gently, run his hand through my hair. It’s so precious!”

He will do your chores in the house when you are sick

Man Doing Laundry Reaching Inside Washing Machine

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Delilahtherebelangel wrote: “Just one example that really struck me. I got strep at Christmas and we had a 3 month old baby. When we got home from the instant clinic I just collapsed on the bed. The last thing I remember before falling asleep was hearing him hush the baby as he took off my shoes. He took the baby and I just slept. It’s so normal but it was just so sweet.”

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