Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Donate A Year’s Supply of Food to Elementary School

Jennifer Lopez and her fiance, Alex Rodriguez, graciously supplied the students at Jacksboro Elementary School with free meals for the next year.

The pair came to the decision to give a helping hand after a teacher from Jacksboro Elementary posted a photo to Facebook, that went viral, voicing her concerns about the lack of food that her students are receiving. The couple was touched by this teacher’s act of kindness and thought they should do the same.

Brooke Goins was approached by one of her students who was wondering if he would be getting a baggie filled with food that his guidance counselor usually prepares. The teacher was surprised and dug a little deeper into his home life. She began to cry in front of her students when she learned that some of them don’t have enough to eat at home and go to bed hungry.

Goins decided to step up. She texted the other teachers at the school and told them about the situation. They all banded together and pitched in some of their own money for some groceries for their students.

Lopez saw the viral post and was extremely touched since her mother was a teacher too. She and her fiance donated a year’s supply worth of food to Jacksboro Elementary.

Since the post has gone viral, the school has also established a food pantry for their students. The students are now able to have access to food whenever they need it. They are accepting food donations as well as hygiene donations. If you’d like to donate, send your items to 164 Jacksboro Elementary School Road, Jacksboro, TN 37757. You can put attention FOOD PANTRY.

You deserve the world, Ms. Goins! The world needs more teachers like you!

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