Meet The Woman Changing The Dating App Scene In NYC

A real-life cupid has emerged in New York City helping Millennials, Gen X and Boomers master their dating apps game.

Amy Nobile, 50, who after finding the love of her life on Bumble decided to found a dating concierge service called Love, Amy to basically help people meet the love of their lives through dating apps.

If you decide to use her services expect to get tips from her about wardrobe and sexting, even photoshoots to choose your dating profiles picture and “ghost bantering,” where she literally uses your profile to chat and swipe as you, according to Business Insider.

Nobile is a former public relations professional and co-author of four books about empowering women, something that is a “common thread” in her career, she told Business Insider. 

After she got a divorce, she decided to do a social experiment and turned dating into her job. Seeing how successful Nobile was on her dating apps game, a friend of her asked for help since she was very disappointed with the results she got using dating apps.

After helping that friend land more dates than ever, Nobile formulated the idea of a dating concierge service, and last April founded Love, Amy as a side hustle. Her business has been so successful that now she has made it her full-time job. In fact, it is expected that beginning 2020, her rates will start at almost $2,000 a month for a three-month minimum.

According to Business Insider, 30 to 40% of Nobile’s clients are millennials.

“For millennials, work has taken priority over relationships,” Nobile told Business Insider. “They’ve been taught that what defines success is a well-rounded great career. They’ve lost the priority of finding a relationship. All of sudden, they realize they need to check this box.”

She specifically said that millennials need help with flirting via text.

The other half of her clients are people over 40 that didn’t grow up with technology. According to Nobile, skepticism towards the efficacy of dating apps runs high with this cohort.

“Once they get going, they are really good at bantering because they know how to do it,” Nobile added.

Nobile told Business Insider that her success rate is 85% and that, even if her customers have not found their soulmate, she has taught them what they need to do in order to meet that person.

“I’m not a matchmaker, I’m more of a mirror, so people can take a look at who they are and who they want and meet quality people,” Nobile said.


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