The Perfect Workout Plan, According To Celebrity Trainers

Getting in shape can be hard; that’s no doubt. Usually, the main reason behind this is a workout schedule that doesn’t suit your needs. Adjusting your gym routine might be a kickstart to finally start working out regularly, and these tips from celebrity trainers will make achieving it very easy.

Joe Dowdell, the author of Ultimate You: A 4-Phase Total Body Makeover for Women Who Want Maximum Results, says, “there’s not one magic workout schedule,” but it is possible to find a routine that suits your needs and desires. You should consider all other life aspects like school, work and family first, and then get to planning.

Workout Schedule #1: 3 days per week

This is the best schedule for beginners or those who are very busy. It is best to work out every other day, as your body needs time to rest. Combine strength training and cardio to keep the routine balanced and make sure that you get the best results. According to Dowdell, you should “perform 30-40 minutes of strength training, and finish up with some cardio”. HIIT and functional training are also great as they let you burn plenty of calories in a short time.

Workout Schedule #2: 5 days per week

Working out five days a week lets you reach your goals considerably faster. Another celebrity trainer and founder of TS Fitness, Noam Tamir, says it’s good to try doing three days of strength training, two days of cardio, and two days of active rest. But, you can choose the types of workout based on your personal preference. The range of options is enormous: running, cycling, swimming, boxing, dancing and much more.

Workout Schedule #3: 6 days per week

This is for all the gym regulars. Such a schedule lets you reach the limit, yet remember about that one rest day, as the body needs a break no matter how strong you are. Exercising so often lets you do a variety of activities, and you actually should change things up. This will ensure you won’t get bored with doing the same routine every time. The more you can stick to a training plan, the less likely you are to miss your workout, which means you’ll get to your goals as fast as possible.