10 Most Controversial & Funny Halloween Costume Ideas Of 2019

Halloween is the time of the year for you to experiment with humor and pop culture references. If you are the type of person who really tries to make a statement with your Halloween costume every year, then keep on reading. There are some really good Halloween costume ideas to make your Halloween 2019 costume be the most memorable ever.

The following 10 controversial Halloween costume ideas will definitely help you plan ahead for Halloween and come up with the most original and WTF, yet funny costumes ever, according to Mandatory.

1. The latest Joker movie

Joker movie poster, is a 2019 American psychological thriller film directed by Todd Phillips based on DC comics character starring Joaquin Phoenix

Faiz Zaki/Shutterstock

Come to the party dressed up as the Joker and you will definitely keep people talking about the movie all night long.

2. Popeye’s chicken sandwich

A spicy chicken sanwich from Popeyes fast food restaurant, obtained despite a significant shortage of sandwiches nationwide.

Tony Prato/Shutterstock

Popeye’s controversial, temporary chicken sandwich sparked the debate of the year in Twitter. I sadly didn’t get to taste the sandwich. Now that it’s gone, you can make it your task to revive the Popeye’s famous chicken sandwich this Halloween and get people into the whole Popeye’s vs Chick-fil-A debate again.

3. The FaceApp challenge

the iPhone with FaceApp on the screen, faceapp is a popular photo editing application on the App Store.


Dressing up as one of the digital trends of the year is definitely one of the best ways to dress up for Halloween.

4. Bernie Sanders

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, who is campaigning for a 2020 presidential bid, speaks to supporters at Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday March 23, 2019.

Yasamin Jafari Tehrani/Shutterstock

Let’s dress up as one of the most meme-worthy candidate ever until we can.

5. Brett Kavanaugh

People protesting the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh at a rally in Foley Square in Lower Manhattan.

Christopher Penler/Shutterstock

Although he was never charged with a crime during that dramatical hearing that shook up Twitter, all we know about him is that he was your typical frat boy who loved to chug some beers, and who would have been subjected to an intensive Title IX training.

6. Whistleblower

Chrome whistle in front of folders with confidential top secret information on wooden office desk.

Shawn Hempel/Shutterstock

This costume can definitely make the party divide in two: the ones that liked and hated the whistleblower. And this costume is so easy to recreate. You just need a whistle.

7. Lizzo


Why not? She was everywhere on the internet this year.

8. Bob Ross

Bob Ross board game, 'The Art of Chill', Bob piece with painting on the easel. Paint majestic mountains and happy trees with Bob and friends in this chill game.

Zoe Cappello/Shutterstock

If you want to dress up as someone who has been very influential on YouTube, then why not dress up as Bob Ross? Remember to bring paint and canvases to turn the party into an art gallery.

9. Fake news

Media technology and modern lifestyle concept: young woman with smartphone reading fake news at the park.


I know that this list includes dressing up as actual politicians to make your Halloween costume both controversial and funny, but you can also dress as a concept. You can be creative with this one. Use a white shirt and write any way you like the phrase “fake news.”

10. “Old Town Road”


This was hands down the remix song of the year and you really just need fringed shirts and ten-gallon hats to pull the look.

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