5 Things That Are Romanticized On TV, But Are Completely Wrong In Real Life

Rom-coms and love shows are plagued with things that most people in real life don’t do. We all have said at one point after watching a scene in a rom-com or tv show, “that’s completely wrong, dude.”

So let’s take a look at the scenes in tv shows and rom-coms that are highly romanticized, but in real life it would be a complete disaster, based on the Reddit thread AskWomen. This list will definitely change the way you view these shows and movies from now on.

1. Sleeping with your patients


Desertdwell12 wrote: “Therapists sleeping with their clients. It’s 100% unethical.”

I know that in the show, Lucifer, Dr. Linda was under the influence of Lucifer to sleep with him when he was her patient. The fans have went up to formulate weird theories of why Lucifer wanted to sleep with his therapist, with many saying that he only did it as payment or just because he likes to play with people’s minds in general.

A doctor sleeping with a patient is unethical. Period.

2. Student/teacher relationships


Ashley8514 wrote: “I’ll start with those student/teacher relationships that get a bit too far. It’s even worse when it actually happens in real life and it still gets romanticized”

The whole situation in Pretty Little Liars where you had an underage girl having a very hot relationship with a teacher is just a huge NO! A teacher going after a student should be reported, not romanticized!

3. Drinking wine to deal with problems


BrassiereIsOptional wrote: “Moms day-drinking wine just to deal with their kids.”

Drinking wine or just alcohol in general to deal with stress or a bad moment is everywhere, from social media to tv shows and movies. That depiction only leads to more people turning to alcohol as a problem-solver.

4. Misrepresenting antidepressants and mental health in general


Liisas wrote: “People getting off medication, especially antidepressants, as ”independence”. I hate the classic trope of an anxious character staring at their bottle of pills, then flushing then down the drain as a sign of having made a firm decision of making it without them.”

On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rebecca is first shown throwing her pills down the garbage disposal, but later on the series, she comes to the conclusion that she does need antidepressants.

We often get the idea that antidepressants are bad or a sign that someone is a cop out, but that its farther from the truth.

5. Jealousy and possessiveness


Not_doing_that wrote: “Jealousy and possessiveness that they act on. “Oh it’s just passion! They care so much!”

No, they see you as an item they own in addition to lacking emotional maturity. Run girl run if they see nothing wrong with their actions and words.”

I remember when Fifty Shades of Gray came out, so many girls read that book and even shared quotes on Facebook saying how romantic it was. Both the books and movies romanticize a toxic relationship. Is a relationship where there is so much emotional, physical and sexual abuse okay? No!