How To Make Your Nail Polish Last longer

Cracked, peeling nail polish is not cute no matter what color it is. Many of us are so fed up with nail polish lasting only a couple of days that we opt for gel manicures. Although this is a temporary fix for the color stay issue, the gel leaves your nails weak makes it more difficult for the color to say on. Here are some ways you can make your nail polish last longer without turning to gel.

Strengthen Your Nails

If your nail is weak it is more likely to bend when you are doing normal things such as typing on your computer. If you nail bends the nail polish will crack and eventually peel-off. To prevent cracking you have to strengthen your nail. This includes using nail hardening polish before you apply nail polish to your nail.  Garlic can help you achieve stronger nails naturally. Crush a piece of garlic and put it in your nail polish (Preferably top coat). Use the nail polish as you normally would. Your nails will be significantly stronger in no time.


Dry cuticles are correlated with brittle nails. This is because if they are no moisture on your hands your nails will also suffer from lack thereof. To combat this use a hand-salve on your hands while paying special attention to your cuticles. You can use Burt’s Bees Hand Salve.


You’ve probably noticed that when you get a professional manicure the technician uses a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol on your nails before he/she applies nail polish. This is to rid your nail from oils and debris that will prevent the nail polish from sticking onto the nail properly. Do this before you apply nail polish and your nail polish will last longer!


Chores suck. But we all have to do them. When you wash dishes or do any chore involving water and soap make sure you wear gloves. Water and soap/detergent can make your nail weak and or flexible. Gloves will protect your nail from becoming weak and your nail polish will stay put.

Take A Break

A weird way to make your nail polish last longer is to not wear it all the time. Nail polish contains ingredients that will weaken your nail if you use them all the time.  Take a break from colored nail polish and only use strengthening nail polish for a period of time. Have a nail polish free week and another with color.

Steer Clear Of Gel And Acrylics

Gel and Acrylics allow you to have color on your nails for up to a month at a time. However, it is no secret that this will make it more difficult for your natural nails to keep nail polish on its own. This is because both of these options damage your nail. I had acrylics for a month and was unable to wear nail polish for the next three months because my nails kept breaking. They were so weak that the nail polish would crack while I was doing everyday activities like chores and writing on my keyboard.