Are We Attracted To Partners That Look Like Us?

Do opposites really attract? We’ve all seen dogs that look like their owners and laugh, but how disturbing is it when you see couples that look alike? Are they really attracted to each other, or are they just in love with themselves?

Researchers say it’s because people are attracted to what’s familiar to them, and our brains process familiar images more easily. This applies to people who look like our parents, friends, siblings, and especially ourselves.

Here’s where it gets even weirder. In a study for the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin journal in 2010, the participants were asked to rate the attractiveness of photos of strangers who were morphed into either an image of a another stranger or themselves. They proved the theory true as the result concluded they were most likely to choose the combined photo of a stranger and themselves.

In Love


Another study in 2013 for PLOS One was conducted where participants were given images of their existing partner’s face morphed into theirs and a strangers. You guessed it, both male and female participants, for the most part, had chosen the photo with their personal features to be more attractive.

Based on research by statistician, Emma Pierson, who studied 1 million matches made by E-Harmony’s algorithm, had found that we are more attracted to people who are not only like us physically, but by our character and interests. This includes people we find funny, intelligent, creative, etc.

She had also done research through genetics company, 23andme, where she tested compatibility through saliva samples. The results had shown that couples were positively correlated at 97% of the traits they examined including traits such as age to punctuality and personal interests.

Our subconscious decisions in our partners should not freak you out! This it totally normal and based on complete familiarity and comfort. We’re drawn to what we know, no matter how creepy it physically looks.

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