Top 5 Hair Mistakes You’re Making Daily

The hair craze is here to stay! You’ve probably have noticed that all the people you follow on Instagram are taking hair supplements, maybe you are too. There is no denying that we all care what our hair looks like and while we are taking these supplements here are five mistakes you are making that you may be doing that hindering your progress:

Sleeping With Your Hair Loose

You might think that tying your hair up to go to bed will damage your hair but in reality, doing this will save your hair from breakage.  You toss and turn during your sleep. If your hair is loose it will be pressed against your sheets and tugged. Cotton sheets and pillow covers also have the power to make your hair appear dull as it absorbs moisture from your hair.

Tightening Your Hair Tie

Make sure your ponytails are not too tight! High ponytails make for a chic look, but this can damage your hair. If you make your ponytail tight, the tension in your strands will cause breakage. I know we’ve all felt the relief on our head after taking off a particularly tight updo. This relief you’ve felt if your hair strands falling to a more comfortable position after being tugged. This is a sign that your ponytail was too tight.  Opt for low ponytails or don’t put your hair in a ponytail often.

Not Using Hair masks

Heat, updos and our diets can greatly affect what our hair looks like.  Hair masks are a deep conditioning treatment that helps heal damaged hair. They contain moisturizing ingredients in higher concentrations than normal conditioners. In other words, hair masks provide much-needed moisture which you are stripping away regularly. Hair masks don’t have to be expensive. You can whisk an egg and lather your hair with this thirty minutes before you shampoo.

Washing Too Often

Stop washing your hair on a daily basis! Oily hair is not desirable but neither is dry hair. Shampoo and water can clean hair of dirt and oil. So, what’s the issue? Your hair needs its natural oils to stay healthy. If you wash your hair, you’d strip it from its natural oils and leave it looking dull and frizzy. Try to wash your hair only one to two times a week.

Not Using Heat Protectant

Styling tools can leave your hair looking stylish and chic. However, heat damage can cause dry, dull and brittle strands. If you have dyed hair, this damage is doubled, because of the effects of the chemicals used to produce your desired color. I’ve been guilty of doing not properly protecting my hair against heat styling tools. I regret having done this! I had to cut my hair because it was too dry to be saved. Heat protectant is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Heat damages your hair and in order to have healthy hair, you must protect your hair from the styling tools you use.