5 Cool ’90s Beauty Trends To Try & 5 Bad To Avoid

Trends are continuing to come back from the past, and they can be a great source of inspiration. The ’90s style is especially popular right now, so it’s no wonder some beauty looks are making a comeback. These are the best and the worst trends from the era you should know about.

Try: Eyeliner


This trend might not be the most popular, but it’s definitely worth a try. If you don’t go too far with smudged liner, it can accentuate your eyes beautifully.

Avoid: Skinny Brows


For some reason, that’s how everybody wanted their brows to look. So many women are still paying the consequences of this trend, so don’t hesitate to forget about it forever.

Try: Glitter On The Lids


Shiny lids can be an excellent option for those who look for a ’90s makeup throwback. It’s not as in your face as that awful icy blue eyeshadow from that era, so try it out for yourself.

Avoid: Colored Eyeshadow and Mascara


Let’s be honest: only professionals are allowed to use bright colors when it comes to makeup. It’s so easy to overdo it, which means you’ll look exactly like everybody who wore one shade of eyeshadow up to their brows twenty years ago. And, honestly, that wasn’t the best makeup trend.

Try: Lipgloss


Even though matte lipstick has been a go-to option for most of us, a glossy lip is making a comeback. Choose a lipgloss you like the most: just clear, colored, sparkly or iridescent.

Avoid: Brick-Brown Lipstick


There’s nothing so terribly wrong with brown lipstick, as neutral colors are often the best option for many of us. It’s just this particular muddy shade everybody was obsessed with that we don’t want to see in your beauty drawers.

Try: Natural Glow


There’s nothing better than a naturally glowing skin that makes you look as fresh as a daisy. You’re lucky if you don’t struggle with any imperfections, because then it’s best to go barefaced. But even if you do, just make sure you choose a foundation with a natural finish.

Avoid: Wrong Color Foundation


Now that’s why the term “beauty guru” didn’t exist then. Celebrity makeup artists somehow let people go out with foundation and concealer way too light, and this is something no one should do ever again.

Try: Natural Hair


Don’t torture your hair with too much styling, and just let it flow! Mother nature knows best after all, so embrace your hair, whether it’s curly and voluminous or straight and smooth.

Avoid: Weird Hairstyles


The fountain head, tendrils, porcupine updos and mini buns are some of the hairstyles that were so popular in the ’90s. And honestly, it’s best to leave them in the past.

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