The 10 Facts About Halloween You Never Knew

It is finally the most frightening time of year, Halloween! By this time you most likely have your costume picked out and your make up ready to finish the piece. Some just put on a fake mustache, while others go all out and plan months in advance.

Every year, children (and some adults) across the world dress up and knock on doors to ask “trick or treat!”. Some ask for trick, and the majority ask for treat! Halloween is a holiday that has been continuously been celebrated for centuries by children and many college students!

So it begs the questions, how much do you really know about the spooky holiday? Here are 10 facts to keep you occupied until tonight’s celebration!

1. Halloween is over 2000 years old!

The tradition of Halloween originated during the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Pope Gregory III announced November 1st as a day to honor all of the saints in his land. Which eventually led to the creation of ‘All Saints Day’. Soon after, the eve All Saints Day was designated as ‘All Hallows Eve’ and later changed to Halloween!

2. Halloween is the 2nd most popular American Holiday

Halloween is the second most popular holiday in America! It is estimated that Americans are to spend over $9 billion for this frightening day! According to the National Retain Federation, it is said over 140 million Americans will take part in some Halloween celebration, whether it is trick-or-treating, work parties, or a frat party!

3.Jack-O-Lanterns used to be carved out of Turnips!

It is said the Irish used to hollow out turnips and potatoes on Hallow’s Eve to ward off spirits and ghosts! These turnips were known to be devastatingly terrifying! This practice took place back in the late 1700s and even in the 1800s when many of the Irish immigrated to The United States of America!

4. Halloween influenced Daylights Savings Time!

In 2005, Former President George W. Bush signed the Energy Policy Act which extended daylight savings time an extra hour, so trick-or-treaters across the country can get an extra hour of sunlight to collect candy…or ask for tricks!

5. Americans spend almost $90 on Halloween each year

Halloween can be expensive…if you make it to be. Some people like to grab a fake mustache from their closest and toss on their sunglasses for a costume, others go all out and order expensive gear months in advance! This doesn’t include the price of candy! It is estimated that Americans as a whole will spend over $2 billion on candy each year!

6. Trick or Treating has been around since Medieval Times!

During the Medieval Times during the Celtic holiday, Samhain, children, who were financially less fortunate, would go around door-to-door asking for food and money. In exchange for food and money, these children would pray for the souls of those whom answered the doors. This tradition was known as ‘souling’.

7. Candy Corn was originally called ‘Chicken Feed’

In the 1800s when candy corn was first created by the Wunderlee Candy Company, it was known as Chicken Feed! The boxes that the candy came in even had a picture of a rooster! Soon after in the 19th, the company was bought out by the Jelly Bean company, and renamed to candy corn.

8. Dressing up for Halloween was originally to hide from ghosts!

During the Celtic Holiday Samhain, children used to dress up as monsters or ghosts to hide from vengeful spirits and souls in fear of being recognized. Some European countries used to even hide their kitchen knives to prevent these spirits from harming them!

9. There will be a Full Moon on Halloween in 2020

The last time we had a full moon on Halloween was in 2001! On average, a full moon occurs on Halloween every 18 years, which makes it approximately happen 4-5 times a century, making a very rare event! So be sure to mark next halloween as a very, very special occasion to check out to the moon, especially if you can turn into a Warewolf! It’ll save you a lot of money on for a costume!

10. Cats have been an iconic part of Halloween for centuries!

Who doesn’t love cats? In the Medieval Times, it was rumored that witches would reincarnate into black cats after they died. Some countries used to ban the adoption of black cats on this holiday to prevent witches from coming into their houses! It was even said the Devil used to gift black cats to witches on this day. Soon after, cats became a symbol of halloween, and it rumored if you find a white hair on a black cat during Halloween, you’ll get good luck!