Joaquin Phoenix Girlfriend 2020: Who is Joaquin Phoenix Dating Now?

It is not unknown to most movie junkies that the recently released, Joker, was crowned as the highest R-rated movie in the history of cinema. We have seen cinematic portrayals of the Joker from famous actors such as Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, and Jared Leto, but the most recent portrayal by Joaquin Phoenix created a brand-new name for the Joker and skyrocketed his career in just a short 26 days.

Joaquin Phoenix was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on October 28th, 1974, and started his film career in the 1985 movie, Kids Don’t Tell, as Frankie. Later, Phoenix has went on to act in big film such as Gladiator, Brother Bear, and Her.

The three-time Oscar-nominated heartthrob, Phoenix has been in the limelight ever since the release of his latest film and fans all over the internet are lining up to shoot their shot to see whether he is single or not! Here is a list of all of the women who have been in a relationship with the Joker!

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler


Phoenix and Liv Tyler met each other on set while filming their romantic dramedy Inventing the Abbots in 1995. According to The Morning Call Tyler said she fell in love with Phoenix the second she saw him. The ex-couple used to keep their relationship a secret while on set, Phoenix used to call Tyler a babe while they sat in the make-up trailer together to give the impression to the rest of the crew that he could never get with her.

The two split up in 1998 for an odd reason, because they stopped fighting with each other, but remained friends ever since. Tyler told Elle Phoenix was her first love, and he is a huge part of her sense of humor. She stated that she has so much love for his family and how she learned so much from Phoenix and all of his sisters.

Topaz Page-Green

Page-Green and Phoenix dated from 2001 -2005. Page-Green moved from South Africa to New York City to pursue a career on model. Not much is known about the couple other than the fact they dated longer than Phoenix and Tyler. Page-Green started a non-profit organization, Lunchbox Fund, where phoenix sits as one of the board of directors. According to The New York Times, Page-Green spends her free time at home, stating she is more of a homebody nowadays.

Rooney Mara


Phoenix’s most recent and on-going relationship with Rooney Mara started in 2016. The two met on the set of Her. Phoenix told People Mara is the only girl that he has ever looked up on the internet. According to another interview with Vanity Fair, Phoenix was under the impression that Mara despised him! Luckily for him, the two got engaged this past July, and have been celebrating his success from his most recent film, Joker.

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