The 7 Trendy Fall Accessories You Should Have Today

Accessories were one of the ways royalty showed their class to the public. You should accessorize to show everyone that you’re a queen. Accessories can turn an old outfit into a trendy one. These items can make you look fashionable because “basic’ never suit you. Accessories can also add personality to your outfits. They draw in the eyes and a significant amount of attention. I bet that whenever you wear statement earrings people don’t hesitate to compliment them. There are a ton of different accessories, here is what’s in this season:


Here we have AJ Michalka sporting a headband that makes her look like a vintage queen. These headbands are usually suede and contain some sort of gem sown onto them. Pearls and rhinestones are popular choices.  Whichever you choose depends on your outfit, of course, but rest assured that this item will transform a plain dress or sweater into a chic look.


Scarves are a great accessory. Headscarves and silk scarves are in this season and can help to create a polished look. You can use silk scarves on your hair as a statement piece or around your neck. An elegant silk scarf tied around the neck is timeless! Accessorizing with a vibrant scarf can be the cherry on top of your outfit.

Statement Earrings

This entry is no surprise. This is by far the most common accessory, earrings are easy to wear, and their charm is timeless. This season accessorize with statement earrings. They’ve been proven to make your outfits look elegant and fashionable. With a high ponytail and these earrings, you’re sure to turn heads.


You’ve probably have seen these large pearly hairpins all over social media and for good reason. These hairpins are the perfect statement piece that will make you look like you just walked the runway. Loose romantic curls and these pins on your hair are sure to achieve a chic look!


Defining your waist is essential this time of year. It’s too cold for clothes that complement your shame. The layers of clothes you wear during fall probably make you look like you’re hiding under a pile of clothes. Accessorize with a belt to turn a loose-fitting sweater or blazer into a stylish outfit that complements your figure.


Hats help keep the sun rays off your face. However, we’re more interested in achieving some witchy-vibes this season. Hats can turn any outfit look exaggerated and chic but that’s what makes them so perfect! A proper hat can completely transform your outfit. You’ll have people checking their calendars to see if fashion week is here.

Knee High Boots

These possibly the fan-favorite of all the accessories on this list. Knee-high boots were widely popular last year, and they haven’t left the fashion forecast. They make your leg look like it’s been wrapped in a suede glove. These boots showcase the shape of your legs and make any dress or skirt look effortlessly chic and—let’s face it—sexy.


Since clothes manufacturing companies refuse to give our clothes pockets, make sure you accessorize with a handbag or a purse. As you know, fall is synonymous with darker hues in the fashion world. This season uses darker hues for your handbag or purse. For better results make sure the color of your purse complements your outfit.