The 10 Gifts For Girls That Show You Have Great Shopping Skills

Nothing is more stressful than finding the perfect gift. Whether it’s an incoming birthday, or with the holiday season coming up, it’s hard to find the right thing that shows effort and thoughtfulness.

Personalized Necklace

Kate Spade

Much like this Kate Spade New York 12K Gold Initials Pendant Necklace, something that’s personal to them looks thoughtful, trendy, and is completely effortless. Also, it’s practical! Women wear jewelry about every day, so this could easily be well liked and seen being used all the time.

Wall Calendar


This wall calendar is a great gift as it’s full of positive and inspiring messages throughout and who couldn’t use a little organizing? This is another great practical gift, plus the messages and colors make it fun.



These plush slippers are ideal as every woman will tell you, we use them every day. Fuzzy socks or fuzzy slippers, whatever it is, we love them.

Coffe Maker



Make instant coffee with his single K-cup Keurig machine. Perfect for a home gift or any coffee lover (who wouldn’t appreciate this).

Fleece Pajamas


Pajamas are a highly underrated gift as their worn every day by everyone, and I’m sure everyone can appreciate a new cute set like these. Go for a fun print or unique material when finding a great pair of gifted PJ’s.




Because if they don’t have them already, it’s about time.


Urban Outfitters

Skincare is always a safe bet. This exfoliator¬†is a great gift to give them an ultra smooth and clean feel. It’s all from the comfort from your own home too, which makes this a perfect added essential to their skin routine.



Any fall/winter accessories, like scarves, will do because it adds an immediate enhancement to your look in the most simple way. Put effort into your decision in colors, prints, and lengths to make it more personal to their style.

Record Player

Record Player

Urban Outfitters

This retro inspired present will not only bring nostalgia but develop a new collection of old and new music vinyls from their favorite artists. It’s enjoyable, creative, and totally unique!

Dyson Dryer


This hair dryer is engineered to protect hair from extreme heat damage, with fast drying and controlled styling to increase smoothness and shine. Women spend so much wasted time simply drying and styling their hair. Give them the gift of defying time and effortless style with this dryer.

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