How To Privately Confirm A Relationship On Instagram

Relationship declaration can be tricky on social media. You don’t want to come off as obnoxious and obsessive, but you also don’t want to have to hide your significant other from the people who follow your life online. You also might not be open to the idea of sharing your romantic life publicly, and want avoid invading questions which is totally fair!

With some Instagram tips, here is how to state your status in a nonchalant way for your personal circle of friends and family on social media.

Here is where the beauty if Instagram’s ‘Close Friends’ feature becomes your new power tool. This allows you post stories that are only able to be viewed by selected accounts, which sure most of you have been added to and like me, feel exclusive and personally connected with the user posting.

Online Relationship


“Over time our community has grown, but we know that you sometimes want to share with just a small group of the people closest to you — with close friends, you have the flexibility to share those more personal moments with a smaller group that you choose. We’re excited by what we’ve seen so far with Close Friends. Millions of people are using the feature and we see Close Friends Stories posts lead to lots of engagement and connection with friends,” says Facebook spokesperson for Elite Daily.

Putting any content about your new relationship in a ‘Close Friends’ post makes it intimately seen by those who really matter. This gives you a perfect opportunity to share a bit of your personal life to a personal audience. It’s so easy to upload something that gets seen and shared with hundreds, even thousands, of people within seconds. Don’t let the exposure freak you out when you have the option of giving that opportunity to a controlled viewing! Happy posting.

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