7 Proven Health Benefits Water Has On Our Bodies

Water is an integral part of both our planet and our body. Mother Nature intended for people to stay hydrated if they want to be healthy. For some reason, though, many of us don’t pay enough intention to our daily fluid intake. If you’re still not sure why it’s essential to drink water every day, here are seven proven ways it affects our well-being.

1. It Boosts Brain Function and Energy Levels

A woman holding a bottle of water


Your brain highly relies on hydration to function properly. Drinking enough water improves overall cognitive performance and memory. It also ensures you have a lot of energy so you can stay active and fulfill any of your tasks without feeling tired in the middle of the day.

2. It Helps with Weight Loss

A woman drinking water


This is a very important aspect of high fluid intake. Many of us who try to lose weight often forget about one of the major steps in this process – drinking a lot of water. It boosts metabolism, helps to flush all the toxins from your body and can prevent over-snacking.

3. It Maximizes Physical Performance

Water in the gym


Another key element of a healthy life is physical activity. It’s quite hard to do sports if your body is not prepared for it, and this doesn’t depend only on your level of fitness. Exercise causes you to sweat, and if you’re dehydrated, your performance will not be that good. Make sure to drink water before and during your workouts.

4. It Improves Your Skin

A woman drinking water


Everybody dreams of perfect skin, and there are a lot of ways to make its condition better. While the beauty products you use are very important, water is the greatest tool for internal improvements. Drink plenty of liquids to have glowing and moisturized skin that won’t wrinkle prematurely.

5. It Helps to Avoid Hangovers

A hungover woman


A hangover can make you want to stop drinking forever, but we all want to have fun sometimes. Staying hydrated can make the influence of alcohol a lot easier on your body, so consume a lot of water before you’re planning to drink. If the consequences have still affected you, try to keep your fluid intake even higher the morning after.

6. It Improves Your Emotional Condition

A group of women drinking water


When you’re feeling down, it may seem that nothing is going to make your mood better. But actually, water can be quite helpful in this case. Being hydrated minimizes the chance of getting anxiety or fatigue, as well as decreases the frequency of headaches.

7. It Prevents Overall Dehydration

A bottle of water


Not drinking enough water might not seem a serious problem at first, yet it can lead to a lot of health problems. The results of dehydration include blood thickening, constipation, kidney failure and even a higher risk of cancer. Nobody wants to deal with those, so increase your water intake to stay as healthy as possible.

How much water is enough?

Water on a table


Now that you know about the benefits of sufficient hydration, how much water should you drink daily? Besides water itself, tea and coffee without any sweeter or creamer contribute to your fluid intake. The rule of thumb is to consume around half a gallon, which is around 8 cups of liquids a day.

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