Top 5 Affordable Korean Beauty Products You Should Be Using

K-beauty focuses on clarifying, toning and applying layers of hydration to achieve glowing skin. This glow is often referred to as ‘glass’ skin which is, in essence, clear naturally dewy skin. The main difference between American beauty products and Korean beauty products is that Korean beauty products generally contain more natural ingredients. Also, Korean beauty products focus on hydration. K-beauty products have filled the shelves at Sephora and drugstores and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Here are some affordable K-beauty products we can’t get enough of.

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask

LANEIGE Water Sleeping mask delivers intense hydration to your skin while you sleep. The unique formula features Hydro Ionized Mineral Water, perfect for treating dryness. This lightweight gel mask can also help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can reduce the appearance of dull and uneven skin with consistent use.  This mask contains Hyaluronic Acid which provides hydration and is free of parabens, phthalates, and mineral oil. Your skin will thank you!

Sheet Mask


Sheet Masks are soaked with concentrated serum, which consists of many beneficial ingredients. The reason why it works differently than serums alone is that the sheet prevents quick evaporation of the liquid. This means that your skin is lathered in beneficial ingredients for a longer period of time. Sheet masks outperforming the effects of the traditional serum-type skincare after just one use. The best part is that sheet masks are super affordable. Basic Korean sheet masks range from three to five dollars but The Face Shop has lower prices and these sheet masks contain herbs and plants that are beneficial to the skin.

Foot Peel Mask


Take care of yourself from head to toe with a foot peel-off mask. The SMILE FOOT PEELING MASK is a 2-in-on foot care mask. It soaks your feet in a water-based formula that peels away dead skin while delivering much-needed moisture to your feet. If you have dry, cracked, or calloused feet this exfoliating peeling mask is perfect for you. The only downside is that the peel-off process takes one to two weeks. The results are not instant but they are worth the wait!

Calendula Peel Off Mask

This peel-off mask is made with calendula flower extract. Calendula is known to soothe skin and provide moisture. This Calendula Peel-Off Mask has strong sebum absorption that will leave you with smooth healthy-looking skin. The application is easy this mask can be applied to the whole face as well as parts of the face such as the T-zone or where ever you suspect there is more dead skin and sebum. Use this mask to reveal younger-looking clear skin.

Kale Serum

Kale seems to be showing up in all of our products from shakes to serums, and we aren’t complaining. This milky Kale Serum contains vitamin b, kale (of course) and the ultimate plant friend your skin has: aloe.  Kale is rich in antioxidants, which helps nourish your skin, and vitamin B improves skin hydration by holding moisture. This serum is trendy, effetive and accessable as it has can even be found in the shelves at Target.

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