Kate Middleton Sneaks Into Pub Using Secret Entrance Previously Installed for Prince Harry

Even duchesses need to have a drink or two every now and again!

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, was reportedly seen going to a pub in Chelsea with a few of her mom friends. According to the Daily Mail, Middleton was seen with a few of the moms from Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s school. She was also said to use a secret entrance that was specially reserved for Prince Harry back in his bachelor days! She used this special entrance so that her presence would go unnoticed by photographers and public bystanders.


Middleton visited The Hollywood Arms last month for a “meet and greet” party that’s held each year for parents of new students at her children’s school. Her daughter Princess Charlotte joined the school in September, shortly after her big brother George, who has been a student at the school since 2017.
She is able to discreetly attend these functions thanks to the secret entryway. At the time, the pub was owned by Willow Crossley, who later became a floral designer and also designed the flowers for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding reception.

Apparently, in her recent visit, Middleton only went with one royal protection officer. The secret entrance has definitely worked because no fans have snapped photos of her entering and leaving.

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