Here Is Why Social Media Impacts Modern Relationships Too Much

People feel like it’s necessary to show themselves and their relationships on social media in the best light possible, while real-life becomes less important to them. Such tendencies can cause a lot of harm not only to relationships but our mental health. Social networking should not put our romantic life at risk, and there are ways you can prevent it.

Fighting Unrealistic Expectations

When you start a new relationship, it’s so important to you that sharing it on social media feels like the right thing to do. So then, it begins: obsessively checking the page of your significant other, posting (often too much) pictures of you two together, sharing how much you love your partner every day. And while it feels right at that moment, it might be a pretty bad decision.
Once we announce the change of our relationship status on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter page, we begin, even subconsciously, comparing our love life with those of everybody else. Whether it’s giving over the top gifts, taking trips together or posting a video of a proposal and the huge diamond ring, we feel like something is wrong if we don’t do the same things.

Humor Is the Best Answer

Fortunately, some people are fighting against the toxicity of social media when it comes to love. Mary McCarthy, the woman behind the Instagram page @notengaged, wrote, “hi. im not engaged but im ok i promise” in her bio, and honestly, that’s how every girl should feel despite her relationship status.

It doesn’t matter if you’re single or dating someone right now, as there is just no need to compare ourselves to anyone else in general. We should be happy with our life as it is because there’s no other life to live. Moreover, we definitely don’t need to share everything online, as it’s good to keep some moments private to make them special.

True Love Is Not on the Internet

While social media is an integral part of our life these days, it doesn’t mean we should worry about telling the world everything. Many celebrities would do anything they can to keep their personal life private, so value this ability when you have it.

And lastly, remember: sadly, not all relationships last, and going back to delete all the posts with your now ex might be quite painful. Our private life is called that for a reason, and keeping it hidden from the world can have more benefits than you think.

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