Here Is The Worst Career Advice You’ll Ever Receive

Work is a huge part of life for most of us. While it’s great to get some insights on the job you’re interested in or general career tips, you probably have already heard at least a few bad suggestions. Here is some of the worst career advice you could ever receive.

You Must Figure out What You Want to Do

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It’s great to know exactly what you want to do with your life, but in fact, it’s nearly impossible to be absolutely sure. If anyone is pressuring you when it comes to career choice, don’t pay attention. For many, it’s easier to understand what job they like only after trying to work in a few areas, so nothing is wrong with taking some time to make a decision.

There Is Only One Right Way

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If everyone listened to advice like this, nothing new would ever come into existence. All the great entrepreneurs and innovators will tell you never to follow this rule. Of course, we need to learn how to do things right at first. But when you have that knowledge, go your own way. You don’t want to be generic, as this will affect your success.

Work for a Big Company

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Big corporations are surely key players in most industries, and working there gives makes you an experienced employee. Many prefer to switch careers after being at such a company for a few years, as there is often no possibility to be creative and do something differently. If you have new ideas in your head, use them to start your own business.

Your Career Is Your Life

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It takes a lot of time and determination to have a successful career. You are only human, though, and having personal relationships, family and your own interests are essential for a full life. Never listen to people who say you should work 24/7 as it might earn you a fortune, but you won’t be happy with all the other areas of your life.

Lower Your Expectations

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When you’re only at the start of your career path, it seems that no one wants to hire you. Then, as you get an entry-level job, you feel like you don’t deserve a good salary because of your lack of experience. But such a mentality will lead nowhere. If you continuously learn about something new, develop your skills and work hard, your persistence must be recognized.

You Can Only Do One Thing at Once

Angry frustrated boss screaming at his workers


While focusing on just one thing will make you a pro at it, changing careers or even switching departments can feel like a disaster. Supplement your basic knowledge with some skills closely related to your area of expertise, or do something totally unusual. Either way, this will be a huge benefit for you.

Do Everything Your Boss Says

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It’s essential to listen to your boss and follow any work-related directions. But you’re not a slave to anyone, even a person who is supposedly superior to you careerwise. If your supervisor or employer is too demanding, consider how you can solve this problem. It might be hard, but situations like this can not be left unaddressed.

Your Workplace Is a Competition

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Healthy competition is the key to success. If you never feel a desire to get better and improve your professional performance, try reflecting on your career goals. But if your coworkers are ready to do anything to beat you or even take your place, it is definitely not right. You should never feel you’re in a fight to the death.

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