10 Hilarious & Accurate Google Vs. Bing Memes

There are many reasons why Google is the giant search engine: is fast, ranks the most relevant websites per search and it’s so easy to use. Bing is another search engine that has been around, but it has failed to be as popular as Google.

All jokes aside, both search engines have been studied and compared, and many people say that they are good for different things but they are not that different. If you ask around which one is better, the majority of people will say Google (me included).

According to LifeHackerby early 2015, Google had 64.5% of the US’s search market share.

Bing brands itself as a “decision engine.” What that means is that Bing aims to present search results that are more real with the world rather than presenting results based on the words typed.

Both search engines look the same too: a white background with only the logos and fonts being the only things that tell them apart. One thing is clear, Bing is good for video and Google will present you with more precise information than Bing. So if you are searching for information about movies and celebrities, Google is the best search engine for that.

A good tip LifeHacker spottted was that Bing can tell you if flight ticket prices will go up or down.

Bored Panda wrote that Google vs. Bing memes started when someone typed suicide-related questions both on Google and Bing. Google pulls up suicide hotlines while Bing just tells you the most effective way to commit suicide. So if you want to get a good laugh, scroll down for the 10 best Google vs. Bing memes ever.

1. Where it all started…

2. Which one brings the most relevant results?

3. Google gets it while Bing… well…

4. Bing gives you creepy results.


5. How dark can Bing get?


6. Google definitely gives you more reliable information.


7. Bing is a savage.


8. I’m speechless.


9. Okay…


10. If you ask me, both results are messed up.


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