7-Year-Old Boy’s Mother Tries to Transition Him To Girl

On Monday, a 7-year-old boy whose mother attempted to transition him to a girl attend school as a boy.

His parents, Anne Georgulas and Jeff Younger, have joint custody over their son James Younger. The judge for this case ruled that the father has a say in whether or not his son is transitioned into a girl.

Both parents have conflicting views about the child’s gender. Georgulas, a pediatrician, previously attempted to transition James into a girl. She argued that the 7-year-old is transgender and wishes to be named “Luna.” However, Jeff Younger disagrees and says his son is happy being a boy and does not desire to be a girl. So, which is it?

There is a Facebook Page titled “Save James.” It updates the public about James’ case and reported that the child chose to attend school as a boy on Monday.

The post featured photos of James and his brother Jude and his father, Jeff. The post is captioned, “Jeff emailed the principal today and James and Jude’s teachers had reported that there was zero stress or disruptions in the classroom today. Just another day in school ???? Prayers answered. Going to school. This is what it looks like when JAMES gets to choose!”

“Also, a photo taken yesterday, just before church. James and Jude proud to be men!”

“Save James, save thousands of children! #SaveJames #ProtectJamesYounger#SaveJamesYounger

It’s unclear whether James was forcibly dressed in boys’ clothing for the sake of this post or not.

On Tuesday, Georgulas filed a motion to have Dallas Judge Kim Cooks be recused from the case — the same judge who decided Georgulas and Younger have joint custody over James Younger. “The judge even commented on the case — a pending matter in her court — on her Facebook page, and in doing so invited (and permitted) ex parte communication about it,” Georgulas’s attorneys said in a motion for recusal, according to Dallas News.

The Facebook post read “The Governor nor any legislature had any influence on the Court’s Decision.” It was in response to the following tweet from Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott:

Georgulas’s attorneys said Judge Cooks must recuse herself from the case because of the Facebook post.