Kim Kardashian-West and Mario are Working on Another KKW Beauty Collection

Kim Kardashian-West releasing another KKW Beauty Collection just in time for the holiday season! Working alongside Makeup Artist, Mario, the pair just announced more details about this collection after repeatedly teasing fans about it.

Just this year alone, Kim Kardashian-West launched her products at Ulta and did a collaboration with Winnie Harlow. It looks like Kardashian-West had one more trick up her sleeve to end the year strong. The official Instagram page for KKW Beauty posted a series of photos with details about the new collection:

Fans are eager for the beauty collection to be released. Users left a series of comments saying things like “So excited. Obsessed with you both,” “Love this 😍 Omggg definitely a palette I want to own can’t wait πŸ™ŒπŸΌ,” and “When do we get photos of the collection?! Screaming of excitement 😍.” In response to these comments, the KKW Beauty Page told their followers to “stay tuned” because more pictures and videos of the pallette itself are on the way!

Mario also posted an announcement on his Instagram account:

This new collection is important to both Mario and Kardashian-West as it is a strong symbol of their friendship over the years. The pair have been working together for the last 11+ years and have created a great bond because of the beauty industry. The new KKW Beauty Collection will be released on Friday, November 22, 2019. Until then, stay tuned on Instagram to get more sneak peeks and teasers!

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