This Sephora Has Colored Coded Shopping Baskets For Introverts

We’ve all had that experience of going into a store and have an over-friendly sales associate being overly friendly and helpful. They ask a million questions and do not take the hint that you want to shop independently. Some even go as far as following you throughout the store! These sales associates mean well and are only trying to do their job, but let’s face it: they can be overwhelming and ruin the entire shopping experience.

To combat this problem, a Sephora in Europe came up with a brilliant solution!

The store came up with this color-coded basket system. Customers can let the employees at Sephora know whether or not they would like help- and there is no talking involved! The red baskets indicate that the shopper would like to be assisted while the black ones indicate that the shopper is fine on their own.

After Cami Williams posted this tweet, it went viral. Many people were pleased with this new feature of the store and responded to Williams’ tweet:

Some people even called out other stores like Lush and Best Buy in hopes of seeing this trend spread:

While this idea extremely brilliant and people everywhere are loving it, Sephora is not the first or only store to do this. Back in 2016, a Korean beauty store posted a tweet about their similar practice:

Introverts and extroverts both love the idea of these baskets. It makes everyone’s shopping experience easier and even encourages customers to visit stores more frequently rather than being repelled by the sales associates. While these color-coded baskets are a new favorable idea, unfortunately, no Sephoras located in the United States are rocking these shopping baskets. Hopefully, these baskets will be seen more in stores soon!