The 8 Best U.S. Destinations To Visit This Winter

The holiday season is such a fantastic time to travel somewhere with your friends, family, significant other or even alone! There are a lot of amazing destinations in America, but some of them are just perfect for a getaway when it’s cold and snowy outside. These eight states are the ones totally worth your visit this winter.


Wyoming has a wide variety of winter activities you could do, and together with local hospitality and great accommodations, these are the main reasons to go. Yellowstone Park, some of the nation’s best resorts for skiers and snowboarders, ice routes to climb for the brave of us and plenty of trails to explore on a snowmobile make this state a perfect place to visit during the holidays.


Montana is another state with some of the most magnificent skiing resorts in America. It snows very heavily here, so you are going to feel you’re in a winter wonderland. The holidays are one of the best times to visit Big Sky Country with its endless miles of terrain and its peaceful national parks. There are also many delightful restaurants to warm up in before going down the slopes.

North Carolina

The mountains of North Carolina are perfect for winter enthusiasts with a wide range of activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing, to name a few. The beautiful city of Asheville is worth a visit, too, with many great music venues and restaurants. Biltmore Estate, America’s biggest private estate, is located near the city, and going there transfers you to a holiday fairytale.


Vermont is the best state for a cross-country skiing getaway. Killington, Stowe, and Burlington are some of the most popular destinations, but there are hundreds of trails throughout the state you can explore. If you prefer to stay inside during winter, you can enjoy some music, theater, and dance performances or treat yourself to a session at one of Vermont’s wonderful spas.

New York

New York offers a lot to do during the holidays. The central region of the state is excellent for outdoor activities, and then, there’s New York City. The Big Apple is truly magnificent in the winter, even despite the cold weather. Rockefeller Center tree, festive window displays of the department stores and multiple ice skating rink all around the city turn it into a magical place, so don’t hesitate to go!


Not everyone is a fan of winter, and there are fantastic holiday destinations for them too. Florida is one of them, with mild weather, a lot of fun activities and endless sunshine. You can explore the coastline and natural outdoor landscapes, as well as visit some of the many festivals and fairs. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or just want to relax, Florida is the go-to place for you.


California is beautiful all year round. There is so much to do, and winter is perfect for exploring places that get too hot in the summer. Plenty of seasonal events take place, too, so the holiday spirit won’t leave you for a second. The huge benefit of going this time of the year is the fact you can enjoy the most famous sights without the huge crowds, although that’s except for the Christmas holidays.


Hawaii might be one of the most spectacular places in the whole world. When most of the country is freezing, these warm and sunny islands are an especially great destination. Scenic landscapes, beautiful beaches, delicious food and amazing resorts surely make this state worth the trip, don’t they? In the winter months, you could also watch whales migrate to Hawaii, which makes for a breathtaking experience.

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