Top 5 Color Trends Of 2020 To Wear And 5 Outdated Ones To Avoid

Our fashion choices can be quite boring when it’s cold outside. Obviously, the first priority is to stay warm, but adding a little color won’t hurt anyone. Some trends like neon are better left in the year ending, and these are the five colors to avoid in 2020 and five to wear.

Wear: Any Shade of Blue

If you haven’t been wearing blue lately, it’s time to change this fact. Whether you go for bright cobalt, navy or muted denim hues, the chances are high your outfit will look amazing!

Avoid: Camo Green

Camo green has been around for a long time, and maybe it’s time to give it a break. This color can look rather dull, especially in winter, so don’t rush to buy anything in this shade right now.

Wear: Red

Red is a gorgeous classic color that looks good almost on anyone. As bright crimson shade works well with dresses, outwear and accessories like bags and shoes, you can add a little or a lot of it to your look.

Avoid: Burgundy

This shade had its moment a few years ago. Now, when you see something in a burgundy color, it can look a bit outdated. This mostly applies to dresses, shirts and hoodies.

Wear: Yellow and Orange

Sometimes, the weather outside is so dull that your mood lowers instantly. In this case, why not include a sunny yellow or orange element in your outfit? These warm shades will help you feel happier in no time.

Avoid: Neon

Neon started gaining its long lost popularity in 2018. After seeing it everywhere for the past year, it’s not surprising most of us are tired of it. This is a hard pass for 2020.

Wear: Pastels

Beautiful dusty pastels are quite versatile. These are almost like neutrals, as you can easily wear a head to toe pastel look. Such shades are also amazing because they make you look very feminine.

Avoid: Too Many Neutrals

Even though it seemed it’s hard to wear too many neutrals, it’s possible. Dressing in just these shades through and through can look a little bland, so think twice before doing this.

Wear: White

An all-white outfit might not come off as cool as a blacked out look, but it’s very refreshing and stylish. Also, forget about the myth that white is only for Memorial Day; you can totally wear it all year round.

Avoid: Black

Our favorite dark shade is a no-lose choice, but this is exactly what’s bad about it. Everyone is way too comfortable with having 80% of their wardrobe in this color. It’s not that you shouldn’t wear black at all, just mix it up with something bright.

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