WATCH: Cardi B Drops New Freestyle on Instagram

Cardi B is back with some new music. The Bronx rapper has fans anxiously awaiting her sophomore album, but for now, they will have to settle for a new freestyle that she decided to drop recently on Instagram. The freestyle was to the beat of Cam’ron’s “357.”

During the freestyle, Cardi referenced her recent role in the Jennifer Lopez film Hustler.

Over the beat, Cardi raps: “I be in the mansion, you be in my mentions / I came right out the trenches to the top of the charts / Lost friends on the way / This sh*t is breaking my heart / About 30 seconds in I’m like where do I start / I don’t act, I’m a hustler just playing my part.”

She finishes off the freestyle with the line “a little something until I finish the album,” before dropping the emphatic Bronx greeting of “SUCK MY D*CK!”

You can check out the freestyle below.

While there are still very few details about her sophomore project, the rapper previously said that she may roll with the name Tiger Woods for the album.

“Because, remember when everybody was talking (expletive) on Tiger Woods, like ‘Oh blah blah, blah blah this, blah blah that,’” she said during a past Instagram Live session, “and then he (expletive) came and won that green jacket? That’s what I’m going to name my album.”

For now, we will just have to wait and see what the project will include.

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