Here is How To Layer Fragrances Without Overdoing It

What’s the point of applying a fragrance if it disappears by the time you step out the door? And you don’t want to be that person that oversprays their fragrance to the point where everyone is gagging, kind of like high school boys and their Axe. Ew.

Here’s how to layer your fragrances to make your scent last as long as possible, and without overdoing it where it’s too unbearable to be in your presence. “It increases the overall concentration of the scent, which provides longevity, and it allows each product to function a bit differently,” says Ashley Eden Kessler, a perfumer at Studio Sentir.

First choose a singular scent that defines you, and then use these helpful tips to get that scent to be a part of you all day.

Base With Body Lotion

When you moisturize your skin, the fragrance will hang onto you better. Think of it as a makeup primer, huge difference right? Mix it up with either a fragrance free or scented lotion to get started.

Add Your Chosen Fragrance

Use an Eau de parfum or eau de toilette because sillage is created which means the scent will diffuse in the air. This allows it to not only hang onto your skin, but the fibers of your clothes, your strands of hair, and basically cling into other parts of you that are exposed. “The alcohol makes the scent more volatile and easier to smell on the air,” Kessler explains.

Travel Size Sprays

Pack a travel size version of your scent, so if it leaves, you can quickly refresh throughout the day. Kessler says, “Fresh citrusy or ethereal scents are simply not long-lasting due to the nature of those ingredients being made of small, delicate molecules that evaporate quickly. You will get to enjoy your scent all over again that way.”

Get A Gift Set

Gift sets usually come with your fragrance in different forms i.e. lotions, rollerballs, and perfume bottles. Just layer them together, and the scent will take over. Quick and easy!